Top 100 Wines of 2021

This is my 11th annual edition of the Top 100 wines. And this is my most anticipated and most highly viewed article that I write each and every years hands down. I am surprised as I have many more thoughtful and compelling articles each and every year. But it is a compliment that so many want to see what is in my ranking of wines of the year.

My list is always different from other wine reviews and publications. My list is sorted alphabetically and not by a specific meaning of what number one means–it is simply a list where the ranking is in the point scores not necessarily a hierarchy.

It is impossible, especially, one and only one wine being ranked above all others is absurd—why would one style be it sparkling, still or sweet or even varietally specific be superior to all other wines?! That makes no sense. My list is more democratic and realistic–after all I don’t give out 100 or 99 point scores (unlike some wine reviewers who give it out “perfects” liberally and rarely do I ever a 98 or 97 point). I do think and I’ve said before my scoring is very much a bell curve statistically speaking.

It is a struggle–in a good way–to select the top 100 wines, I have never had just one hundred wines but in some years many thousands that I rank to get to my top 100. But unlike wine publication or personalities I don’t get every wine that say Wine Spectator gets–I get a fraction. Attending wine events is important and in nearly two years I can barely count on two hands how many wine events I have attended. I do think wine events both consumer and trade events are important. I do get that not everyone is like me at a wine event is taking notes but I do think it expands horizons for everyone–it is essential to have access to many wines not just for the individual but for expanding the wide world of wine.

This year the top 100 come from the following countries:

South Africa3

My wine list is also unique in that I do taste some aged wines and they are essential to rank in any given year. Wine rankings and reviews is not just about the “latest releases” but it is about the best wines possible tasted in any given year. I hope you get to taste some of these wines as well. There are some listed with a link which is to view the video review.

Past Top 100 Posting:

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