Sample & Writing Policy

I do accept wine, beer, spirits, coffee, tea and food samples and allied products (books, stemware, tools, apps, closures, services etc) as well.  I cannot guarantee that I will write or create video reviews for all wines or products submitted.

I may create a video or online review for several bottles sent to me of the same label or label family or may complete review of a single bottle in either video or written online format.  If I have video reviewed wines in the past is no guarantee I will do that in the future.  I may include in my social media postings but I do not guarantee I will post image of every sample I receipt.  There is no guarantee for all wines to be reviewed.  I may in the future start reviewing wines on my podcast.

For wine bottle samples–I prefer to have at least of two bottles submitted per wine.  For spirits one bottle sample and other products just one sample of each product/item.

  • I do not accept private label wine, beer or spirits or other allied products under any circumstance (private label – meaning for only one retailer or channel)
  • I generally do not review general California appellation wines
  • I accept samples of mass production wine, beer or spirits
  • never write about anything that I do not experience directly (products, services or events)
  • I do not write, podcast or video just from a press release
  • I do not guarantee that I will write, podcast or video review every single product that I get

Please contact me if you have any question

If you would like me to review your wine or related products, please contact me at




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