I have always loved video–it is an art form and communication media that allows for the spoken word and so much more–it is filling in the blanks.  Jancis Robinson, ironically said in a video, that wine and video is not a spectator sport–my take away is that she was not a fan of video and wine.  I was surprised to hear that as wine and video is about education, travel, discussion and vlogging and much more but I believe her first and only love is the written word.  It is not to criticize a person for loving the written word but I do believe in keeping an open mind.  All words have the ability to carry importance whether spoken or written.

I, of course, do not accept Jancis Robinson’s message as I do think that while some social medias are trendy and hot in one time period–it is not the final word.  While no media may have the final word–wine content on video is important and people do seek it out.  I have enjoyed the experience and I have meet many people that I could not have met any other way.  The written word may not be able to convey personality and emotion in the same way.

I have written many pieces on ‘wine and video’ as well as videod this topic; it is one of the toughest of YouTube’s categories.  It doesn’t mean video production should not be done in this category but creating a channel and producing a video with an awareness of how difficult it is and to manage one’s own expectation is essential.  This is for the viewer who may not see a large number of hits and may steer clear but it may be simply someone is less willing to click the play button.  It may be obvious but well known brands have higher click rates than lesser known brands–wine is a complex subject–easy to enjoy–but the total number of wines produced each year is unknown and quite large.  My video channel has taught me how international wine is; and I too have a very percentage of my audience is outside the US.  I did not expect that and the analytics help to hone in on characteristics of my audience but it certainly helped me to think that my audience is here in the US and abroad.

I am fascinated that my audience in each respective country are not all the same.  My top 10 countries highlights how there is a great variance–one country might skew millennial or younger another it might be older and male, etc.

Bottomline: I believe in ‘wine and video’ and they are essential to review, talk about characteristics, talk about history, educate about methods and styles, etc.

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