Manage Your Video Content Actively – Plan & Promote – One of 4 Part Series

This series on video can be for all businesses and individuals and it applies to wine AND to all categories.

This article is specifically for those people who create video–maybe you own a winery, a coffee roaster, a technology business, a small or even larger business

If you think all you need to do only the following two things:

A) Create a video

B) Publish

And your job is done—please continue reading, please…

I have seen many video producers give up on their craft early on.  I have also heard from many small businesses even large businesses who feel compelled to have video content either from customers or business partners and a sense of frustration of ‘having’ to do so.   The frustration are many–it is difficult for some to complete video content and the other part is with video performance.  First, today’s viewers are not expecting perfection…well maybe some… but most are expecting compelling content.  There is a lot of video content out there and YouTube is happy to help viewers click continuously even if that means “Xing” out of your video.  This reality has been around a long time and no matter what you do–most viewers self “X” out of videos for two primary reasons: Time and Message Received.  And that is okay–I know it is not realistic and it is part of any viewing environment and if my viewer gets to the point of message I am totally okay with that.

When you click “Publish” in YouTube your job has just begun.  I think first and foremost is to write out a general video and promotion plan on why you are doing what you are doing.  Doing a video plan is to create a general road map and how to hone in on what is working well and what needs more attention.

Video & Promotion Plan

When I mention the word plan I can hear people I suggest this to sound a bit frustrated.  I assure them quickly it is a short document and it can be 2-3 pages (however many pages you and your team might need) and doesn’t need to be 50 pages.  The reason to create a plan is to manage your expectation as well as your stakeholders.  And it is a good document to remind your stakeholders on the contents of the plan.  Everyone needs a reminder or a refresh but managing expectations is key.  Managing expectations can be your cornerstone and a way to think consistently about your video content and stop feeling your video content is summarily not working.

I have advised a larger company with their video strategy but I couldn’t ween them off of not being afraid of thinking of their content as non-evergreen and to promote it over time; but they were thinking in terms of “build it and they will come.”  They used an outside producer and each video was superbly expensive to produce and the video clicks were rare.  As I suggested a Video & Promotion Plan and there was pushback: “we’re too busy” “we have too much to do” “when we are successful we’ll know it” the last quote is what I call “success-by-hunch” which never works for a larger organization–everyone has their own idea of success and so many other things.

This continuous non-planning kept them in a chaos of video production without looking at analytics to hone in on more satisfying results also wasting opportunities on their evergreen content in their published online library.  Also, there was publish once and ‘do nothing else’ is ‘marketing by wishfulness.’  Wishing and making your content a success is done the old fashion way by a constant touch with your content and not letting YouTube just be a warehouse for your video content but making more engagements with your content.

One time upload and non-management is neglect of this valuable message and asset and overall resources.  Not all videos will perform the way you want them to perform–I have heard this by people at Vidcon who are still surprised why some videos are a hit and others are not.  And these video producers I heard at Vidcon are in the 500k click rate and above per video.   I think active management and backing each video produce according to your plan will insure you are doing all that you can do and higher sense of satisfaction.

Elements of a video & promotion plan are:

  • Who is your audience?  Who would you like to acquire to be in your audience?
  • What should your per video click rate be? On a yearly basis include in your plan video performance like clicks, also include your subscriber numbers, likes, comments and overall channel performance in your plan (be realistic but optimistic as well) – when you have specific goals for performance and you are lagging you can work to promote the lower performing videos as well
  • When will you promote video?
  • Where will you promote your video?  (social, newsletters, email, paid?)
  • Constant look out to not just promote once but several if not many times (just because your published once doesn’t mean that is all the eyes that ever wanted to see your video has seen it).  For a larger organization look for multiple opportunities to promote your video.  As an example: for a wine producer there is a wine variety day for many major varieties – a good way to remind a larger audience you have a Merlot too or other variety
  • Have a marketing calendar with planned events, dates, campaigns, holiday and specific dates for publishing your marketing piece and this can be a guide for opportunities to publish and promote
  • Once you publish your videos look at YouTube analytics– it is helpful at telling you more about your audience, age range, geography, time of day watched, sources of how people found your video and so fourth

My plan for me, at least, is very helpful to keep me focused–I know exactly what I need or should be doing–there is no guess work.   I have over 3,000 videos on all my YouTube channels and I don’t feel overwhelmed–my plan keeps me organized and I know what I should be doing next to meet my objectives.  I feel organized and focused and I owe it to the plan I created.  I am more focused at making my videos more successful and I firmly do not subscribe to the belief that once a video is published my job is done.  I don’t want to squander any opportunities nor should you.

For a larger team (more than one) keep this plan in a collaborative space like Google Docs and make sure each team member has access.  Update the Video & Promotion Plan  once a year collaboratively and look at ‘lessons learned’ to make incremental improvements in your plan–adjust, add, delete those things that work or don’t work.  Keeping a document even if people don’t look at it frequently are a great way to let people know that it exists and what is in the document.  You can use phrases like “our plan was to reach 5,000 clicks per video” “X number of hours have been viewed in the past, month, quarter etc.” as a reference back to your written plan.  The plan is an agreement and can help guide conversations in an organization on plans that might be too aggressive or not aggressive enough.

In the next few weeks I’ll talk about three items (once per week):

  • Essential Elements in Each Video
  • Ecology of a Video Collection
  • Minimum Requirements of Uploading a Video

This can be applied not to just wine business but any business that creates videos.

I look forward to talking about each new subject and also if you have comments you can leave them below or via email:

I’ll see you next week!



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