I have extended my brand to include Podcasts.  I know that all medias–written, online, video and podcasts ultimately have reach to a different audience.

I enjoy all medias and it is a great opportunity to reach a new audience–meet new people and share the messages and topics I have on all my medias.  It is fun to see reception–each media has advantages and disadvantages and I like to explore and analyze how each behave.  Each audience eventually “speaks” to be through feedback and even what content they want.

I don’t think a wine writer can only write today–today’s inquisitive minds are seeking wine information on all medias available.  I think that focus of wine cannot only be explained away in a written word but the spoken and also the video message.  I as a wine communicator need to be as flexible as possible to reach the audience seeking wine information hence the need to be on all major medias and types of media.

Here is where you can find my podcasts (same podcast) on each channel–pick your favourite podcast channel and subscribe to hear the latest podcast I have published.













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