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Book Review: Ancient Wine: The Search for The Origins of Viticulture – Patrick McGoven

This is not a new book published originally in 2003.  Patrick McGovern is Scientific Director of the Biomolecular Archaeology Laboratory for Cuisine, Fermented Beverages, and Health at the University of Pennsylvania Museum. This is short review because there have been … Continue reading

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Evergreening Wine Video Content – James Melendez

The evergreen concept for wine video is a term I have never heard anyone in the wine industry use. I use it all the time and have written about wine and video considerably.  I have looked at my wine channel … Continue reading

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Evolution of Wine Blogging to a More Inclusive All Wine Media Front – James Melendez

I have thought for sometime that the standard wine blog is due for evolution. The Wine Bloggers Conference is an event that I attend yearly (thought this year I may not be attending due to the logistics of getting there) … Continue reading

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Water, the Almond and Wine: What Are the Numbers – James Melendez

In California’s seemingly non-ending drought the Almond has been magnified as a culprit and chief consumer of California’s dwindling water supply.  I am not sure where the beat up on the Almond began?  Was it Mark Bittman’s piece in the … Continue reading

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Pinot Noir, the Grape Escape – James Melendez

Pinot Noir is a fascinating grape on many levels.  It is a grape of great legacy and length of cultivation.  The Roman’s called Pinot Noir Helvancia Minor… imagine saying “yes, I’ll have a glass of Hevancia Minor please.”  Pinot Noir … Continue reading

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Trending in Wine – James Melendez

I have been thinking about trending in wine… and not just in the Twitter way.  I have been to many a meeting or discussion and the topic of what wine is trending is often talked about. Many of the people … Continue reading

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#WBC11 Charlottesville, Virginia – A Juxtaposition of the Wine Experience – James Melendez

Wine Bloggers Conference took place this past July 22 through July 24 in Charlottesville, Virginia.  This was the fourth gathering and the first not on the West Coast.  This was an important step to acknowledge the wines in the other … Continue reading

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