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This Week in Wine February 17, 2019 – James Melendez

January is a great month–slower than the remainder of the year.  I know that it is when I need to get my online learnings done, read all that I want to read because there will be no time for anything … Continue reading

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The Wine Video Evergreen Content Curve – James Melendez

I have talked a lot about wine and video and how wine and video and, in particular, how wine on YouTube behaves.  YouTube is not centered on evergreen content… instead it is focused on vloggers.  It is easy to figure … Continue reading

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Evergreening Wine Video Content – James Melendez

The evergreen concept for wine video is a term I have never heard anyone in the wine industry use. I use it all the time and have written about wine and video considerably.  I have looked at my wine channel … Continue reading

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State of Wine Producers and Wine Promotional Groups in Regards to Wine Video and Blogs

I write this as a both a wine writer and videographer to both producers and wine promotion groups.  I think wine articles and video I create aren’t leveraged by the producer or wine promotion groups*. What I mean by promotion … Continue reading

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James the Wine Guy Surpasses Jancis Robinson on YouTube – James Melendez

This is my first wine video: Murphy-Goode contest “A Really Goode Job” in 2009; this shows as my number 3 video in YouTube; I thought I better upload this video as it will disappear from the Murphy-Goode site  As of … Continue reading

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The Audience is Not Listening to Wine Videos on YouTube…..Yet – James Melendez

I had to make a provocative tile to this article—which as you might guess will be a video some day as well. It is true there are very few people are watching wine videos on YouTube compared to ‘how to’s,’ … Continue reading

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Wine and Video and What is To Come – James Melendez

I don’t consider myself a wine blogger as by definition that would mean I only write online in a very narrow space called a blog as opposed to a person who write about wine.  But how about someone who speaks … Continue reading

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