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This Week in Wine February 17, 2019 – James Melendez

January is a great month–slower than the remainder of the year.  I know that it is when I need to get my online learnings done, read all that I want to read because there will be no time for anything … Continue reading

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White Pinot Noir – A Rare Style – James Melendez

I love White Pinot Noir or Pinot Noir Blanc.  I am fascinating with this wine style… no I am obsessed with any of these wines that I can find.  There are so few examples in the world today. In my … Continue reading

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Brandborg Umpqua Valley White Pinot Noir – 2011- 9.2 – James Melendez

Scent of yellow citrus zest, organic marshmallow. Flavour notes of organge an yellow citrus zest, golden raspberry, organic marshmallow, tea, biscuit, bay leaf, and violets *** ¡Salud! *** Demystifying Wine…One Bottle at a Time from all wine regions around … Continue reading

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