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Review of Wine Bloggers Conference 2016 – James Melendez

I have been to six Wine Bloggers Conferences (WBC) and each are uniquely different and often highlighting the region where it is visiting.  Given all of the WBC all of them have had a central hotel and the conference was … Continue reading

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Wine and Video and What is To Come – James Melendez

I don’t consider myself a wine blogger as by definition that would mean I only write online in a very narrow space called a blog as opposed to a person who write about wine.  But how about someone who speaks … Continue reading

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The Other 47 – James Melendez

When I was at #WBC11 — there was a tasting called “the other 46”–meaning all U.S. states sans California, Oregon, Washington and New York. And I say “the other 47” because many people still don’t think of New York as a … Continue reading

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#WBC11 – Monticello Reception and Tasting – James Melendez

It is amazing how nearly a month ago was the Wine Bloggers Conference 2011 in Charlottesville and how it sill lingers in my thoughts and palette. The Monticello reception was a wonderful event and I do count myself as lucky to … Continue reading

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#WBC11 Charlottesville, Virginia – A Juxtaposition of the Wine Experience – James Melendez

Wine Bloggers Conference took place this past July 22 through July 24 in Charlottesville, Virginia.  This was the fourth gathering and the first not on the West Coast.  This was an important step to acknowledge the wines in the other … Continue reading

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Zinfandel Advocates & Producers (ZAP) Grand Tasting 2010 – James Melendez

ZAP’s Grand Tasting each January is an event that produces comments that show one’s love or not for the event–there is not in-betweenness.  The myriad of not liking it center around the participants and the over imbibing of the Zin. … Continue reading

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