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Wine Vlogging is A Tough Job – James Melendez

Vlogging is a tough job.  Not complaining because I choose to do it. I think sometimes I am made more human about taking on the back end of what I do. I did a video in response to a recent … Continue reading

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State of Wine Producers and Wine Promotional Groups in Regards to Wine Video and Blogs

I write this as a both a wine writer and videographer to both producers and wine promotion groups.  I think wine articles and video I create aren’t leveraged by the producer or wine promotion groups*. What I mean by promotion … Continue reading

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Wine Videos–An Observation and My Favourites – James Melendez / James the Wine Guy

It is no guessing that I like video…. No I love the art and the pulse of video. YouTube is my main channel and I have posted duplicates on Vimeo as well. I have talked about how many people are … Continue reading

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