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Keeping Your Brand Up to Date on YouTube – James Melendez

I was looking at my YouTube channel and I am trying to ready for video 2,500.  I took a thoughtful review in terms of titles.  I think that on YouTube a title is certainly the proverbial books cover.  The right … Continue reading

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More Written Reviews; Reducing Videos Reviews – James Melendez

I am going to start writing more wine reviews than video wine reviews.  I am going to do so as I have given a lot of my time for my YouTube wine channel I don’t get a lot of credit … Continue reading

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Wine Vlogging is A Tough Job – James Melendez

Vlogging is a tough job.  Not complaining because I choose to do it. I think sometimes I am made more human about taking on the back end of what I do. I did a video in response to a recent … Continue reading

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State of Wine Producers and Wine Promotional Groups in Regards to Wine Video and Blogs

I write this as a both a wine writer and videographer to both producers and wine promotion groups.  I think wine articles and video I create aren’t leveraged by the producer or wine promotion groups*. What I mean by promotion … Continue reading

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Evolution of Wine Blogging to a More Inclusive All Wine Media Front – James Melendez

I have thought for sometime that the standard wine blog is due for evolution. The Wine Bloggers Conference is an event that I attend yearly (thought this year I may not be attending due to the logistics of getting there) … Continue reading

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Wine Bloggers Conference Snub Video Content Again – James Melendez

  I saw the published agenda for Wine Bloggers Conference 2016 and video content is snubbed once again.   There is a class on Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, & Periscope; Periscope is the only video component but what I would term the … Continue reading

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The Written and Video Word of Wine – James Melendez / James the Wine Guy

The Written Word to Video in the wine world reminds me that it is just like the subject itself complex.  Complex because wine no matter how much it is talked about is still a complex subject due to many variables. … Continue reading

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