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MORE INFORMATION PLEASE: Wine Information on Label

I attend many zooms on wine and often but not always fellow wine writers have on point questions. In one particular forum recently, one person brought up recently that that more information on a wine label could open a Pandora’s … Continue reading

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Demystifying Wine: The Five Wine Pillars

Demystifying wine is essential today as it has always been… perhaps much more important today than at any other time in the past.  The world of variety, region and style is as complicated and misunderstood as it has always been … Continue reading

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Family Winemakers 2021- August 22, 2021

The last time I attended which feels like a lifetime ago was in 2019 – the previous decade. I took this photo in this nice space in San Francisco’s Dog Patch district. I had to compare and contrast a glass … Continue reading

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Second Quarter 2021 Reviews

Second quarter 2021 is showing much more optimism that had been absent for the past year. Optimism to travel and to seeing family and friends, be in public spaces and dining out. And to enjoy sparkling wine–yes–there is a different … Continue reading

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Mother’s Days Wines and Beyond

President Wilson Mother’s Day proclamation made it is holiday that is now observed in the US each May. I certainly think it is a great day to have one day out of the year focused on mothers. I do hope … Continue reading

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Top 100 Wines of 2020 – James Melendez

Yes, 2020 was a year that we will always be remembered or a year we will always want to forget!  I also try to capture as many wines before publishing my top 100 – some wine reviewers publish in October—not … Continue reading

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September-October 2020 Wine Reviews

September and October were two very quick months and I am glad to finally list the wine I have tasted these two months.  There has been a pick up – a big pick up in virtual wine tastings as I … Continue reading

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This Week in Wine February 10, 2019 – James Melendez

“I just can’t stop the rain” Tina Turn sang multiple of decades ago.  And this is the week that the rain is a bit much for me.  For several winters in San Francisco there was not a drop of rain … Continue reading

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My Wine Review Wish List 2019 – James Melende

Each year, I start out with nearly a blank slate but I do have some wines left over on my tasting table from the previous year.  But I do attempt EVERY single year to taste wines from all wine regions … Continue reading

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The Retail Problem: Monoculture, Customer Experience and Complexity

I would love to know your thoughts on retail monoculture?

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