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Four Reasons for San Francisco Restaurant High Closure Rate

Opening a restaurant in San Francisco is not for the faint hearted.  Perhaps steely courage and an unfettered belief is the only way to think about this superbly risky venture. One interview I saw a restaurant owner said that meal … Continue reading

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San Francisco’s Hotel Bars – Follow-Up to a New York Times Article – James Melendez

I like the New York Times for it’s sundry coverage of everything EXCEPT travel.  I was superbly disappointed when I started to go to places the New York Times was highlighting that didn’t meet my expectations over time. I am … Continue reading

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Indian Paradox – A Very Nice San Francisco Indian Tapas Bar

When I think I have eaten at every San Francisco restaurant I clearly have not.  That was my reminder when I visited Indian Paradox.  I was there in October–the location is on the busy thoroughfare of Divisadero and seats a … Continue reading

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San Francisco’s State of Restaurant Closures – James Melendez

Restaurants come and go.  A casual ask of those around me in San Francisco there is a feeling that restaurant’s cease operation too early. I had no idea I was going to write this; until I was on 24th Street … Continue reading

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In San Francisco “Do You Want a Bag” has replaced the Greeting “Hello”

San Francisco has has a bag charge ordinance since 2013 and ever since the greetings at any store checkout has never been the same.  I thought well all I have to do was to have a bag ready for the … Continue reading

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San Francisco’s Quick Sand of Retail and Restaurant Landscape

San Francisco is a town that has a gotten it’s food game on more than ever. I worked with someone who always said to me that San Francisco has the country’s best restaurants which I would chime in and say … Continue reading

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Canela Bistro…. A San Francisco Treasury for Spanish Food & Wine – 9.5 (95/100 Pts) – James Melendez

Earlier this year I had the privilege of sitting with Mat Schuster and Paco Cifuentes.  I had visited Canela Bistro for their second year anniversary in business.  San Francisco is such a tough restaurant town–both because of the many competitors … Continue reading

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Dennis Leary’s Canteen – A San Francisco Institution Closing –

I have written a lot about restaurants and have kept that mainly in the Yelpsphere.  But with the recently announced closing of Canteen I had to write a brief article.  Dennis Leary is easily San Francisco’s best kept secret and … Continue reading

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