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Many are Still Flummoxed by Chardonnay – James Melendez

Chardonnay is not like yesteryear’s Rosé.  In year’s past at either trade or consumer tasting Rosé was often passed up by fellow attendees.  Today I feel Chardonnay is in the same circumstance.   Chardonnay is the second most planted white wine next to Airén … Continue reading

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Kaizen and Champagne – James Melendez

Kaizen loosely transliterated means ‘improvement’ or the literal transliteration is ‘change for better’ from the Japanese. I have been in the business world for quite some time and have found a fondness for Kaizen…. Who has ever said Kaizen and … Continue reading

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Reims – A Gateway to Champagne – James Melendez

Reims looms large in my mind.  I have always been a fan of history and in awe of the historical record.  Reims for me is important in terms of French history and for the history of Champagne.  My pulse quicken … Continue reading

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My Initial Thoughts On My Travel to Champagne During Harvest 2016 – James Melendez

Champagne has always meant something to me… looming large and lovingly in my mind and always with a lot of intrigue. I am writing a series of articles of my journey to Champagne during harvest time this year (2016). I … Continue reading

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Henriot Brut Souverain NV – 92 Pts – James Melendez

This Champagne was a lively wine–a bountiful amount of tropical fruit notes; passionfruit, Papaya, Meyer lemon zest, almond, biscuit and white tea. ¡Salud! *** Demystifying Wine…One Bottle at a Time from all wine regions around the world. Read more … Continue reading

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Delamotte Champagne Blanc de Blancs Brut – 2002 – 9.6 – James Melendez

Dazzling wine; excellence in Champagne–absolutely complex, delicate, nuanced and full of character. Notes of biscuit, Quince, exotic green citrus, warm almond, and Cardamom. ¡Salud! *** Demystifying Wine…One Bottle at a Time from all wine regions around the world. Read … Continue reading

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Charles Heidsieck Brut Rosé Réserve – NV – 95 Points – James Melendez

  A lyrical wine, gorgeous; bold, confident and highly nuanced; just hint of light rose coloration-simply beautiful. Expressive notes of wild strawberry, Oregon Tayberry, hint of fennel, flaky biscuit, and just roasted pine nuts.  Could have enjoyed alone but best shared. … Continue reading

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