Mother’s Days Wines and Beyond

President Wilson Mother’s Day proclamation made it is holiday that is now observed in the US each May. I certainly think it is a great day to have one day out of the year focused on mothers. I do hope and I feel many people celebrate their mother on this day and many other days as well.

I do hope it is an opportunity to celebrate with food and wine (if your mother does enjoy wine). A great way to highlight mom is to celebrate with a nice meal, perhaps a picnic where you surprise the mom in your life, or a BBQ or even dining out. So as long as mom is the celebrant and is not cooking or cleaning but is being treated to a special experience. Any why not add a few nice touches like a few wines I am suggesting below:

Château de la Ragotière Les Vieieles Vignes Muscadet Sèvre et Maine Sur Lie

This producer is owned by Amélie Dugué-Couillaud. This wine is a delight to palate and spirit. A wine that is completely approachable and appreciable from first sip to finish. This wine is 100% Melon de Bourgogne and has a definitive connection to the Atlantic. This wine has contact with lees for 10 months which give an uplift of sophistication and elegance. This wine possess a super low ABV of 12%.

Nose: fresh wine, highly nuanced notes of passion fruit, Kiwi fruit, moist stones and fresh flowers.

Palate: appreciable weight and body, initially it seems there would be effervescence but there are no bubbles whatsoever–a clean, crisp wine with expressive notes of oyster shell, green apple, Bosc pear, and beeswax.

Pairing: triple-crème cheeses, oysters, roasted chicken, vegetarian white pizza and much more.

A completely reasonable Suggested Retail Price (SRP) of $17.99

Lievland Old Vine Paarl Chenin Blanc 2020 

I love Chenin Blanc and South African has been doing a very good job of producing delightful Chenin Blanc year over year. I am found of this producer and have recently tasted their Pinotage which is superbly produced. As I understand it this producer was the first to have a female winemaker in South Africa which extends with their current Assistant Winemaker Mahalia Kotjane.

What a very enduring and memorable label – the label depicts an orphaned Bokkie (a small antelope) which was adopted by the farms two horses – a touching label with the cupid on top of the Bokkie.

This producer is a seventh generation family wine producer – Briers-Lauw Family and they have been in South African since 1693. I understand that this wine is all dry farmed and one third of this is sourced from their 1976 planting of Chenin Blanc. This producer is sustainable and certified by IPW (Integrated Production of Wine). I am a fan of Chenin Blanc – a wine with the weight that is appreciable and a wine filled with character and delight.

Nose: rich with lovely minerality, yellow citrus zest, and fleshy Comice pear.

Palate: is appreciable and certainly dry–there is a moment when you are beginning the palate journey that you might expect a hint of sweetness then the full palate exposure informs of dryness. The palate notes are Granny Smith green apple, green pear, and oyster shell imparting salinity and minerality.

Pairing: aged Gouda, white pasta dishes, Salmon, Branzino and much more.

SRP of $18.99

Marqués de Cáceres Rueda Verdejo 2020

A high quality producer owned and operated by Cristina Forner. This producer certainly known for their Rioja wines and are also producing this stellar wine from Rueda. The wine variety of Verdejo is easy to like on many fronts–the palate will thank you and the price point of $12.99 is certainly another. This region is certainly getting more accolades and attention; it is something of an undiscovered country to be discovered.

Nose: Sauvignon Blanc-esque, notes of golden and green citrus zest, lemon curd and moisten minerals.

Palate: Amalfi lemon, crushed seashells and fennel

Pairing: Salmon cakes, shrimp, pizza with clams

SRP: $12.99

And also add a sparkling wine to the mix–I love this Crémant de Loire and endless possibilities of serving this special wine with food.

And be sure to do more than one Mother’s day per year (not including her birthday) to show mom your love and appreciation and do so without telling her it is another mother’s day and I am sure she would appreciate it.

I would also say if you are going out for Mother’s Day in May (or another date as I understand that people are still not gathering on 9-May of this year but will carve in another date) bring one or a couple wines of these wines to the restaurant you are taking her to if you will be dining out. There maybe a corkage fee but you will be bringing a special wine that she, you and everyone will also appreciate. So many restaurants have wines on their menus but they may not have these available – so why not bring one or several of these wines for a special touch!

I hope you have a wonder mother’s day on 9-May or another date you will be celebrating mom!



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