Technique to Reduce Wine Glass Breakage


There is no way to reduce wine glass breakage completely BUT there is a way to reduce the number of glasses you might be breaking.

I was clocking at least a dozen if not more per year.  No I don’t have raucous parties but I do open a lot of bottles for reviews and I do entertain.  Breaking wine glasses that you love is painful–and if they are expensive like Zalto–super searingly painful.

I think each time I have broken a wine glass it was in an instant and often involved in cleaning but not always.  I use my dishwasher… and of course–may the riot act begin.  So many people are against this–including videos I have seen people who are against it but they often use a soap to hand wash wine glasses.

But guess what–do you dine out?  Well the reality is most of the time they have been through a dishwasher.  There are those who will pontificate to not do this.  Sure if you have nothing else to do, don’t work or have a copious amount of time to wash your wine glasses by hand then be my guest.

Sure the gentler the wine glass and I have many many different wines and I know what I can place in dishwasher and those that must be hand washed.  My Schott Zwiesel wash well in the dishwasher and with their non-leaded wine glass tend to be particularly strong but not invincible.  I have noticed that the rims are delicate no matter the brand–place carefully in the dishwasher so they don’t bounce around or fall to one side or another.  Also, I have learned to not to pack too tightly.

While dishwashing can do a very nice job (I use as earth friendly detergent as possible).  I always use half of the amount of detergent.  I also find that I sometime need to touch up.

Here is something that I have learned to not to do.  If you are in a hurry and want to touch up especially before a dinner party–don’t.  Also, when I think I can use a little more force to get a stubborn streak out–wrong–they will always break.  Also, if I am touching up I never ever hold by the steam or the base (foot).  I have snapped so many.  When I have broken a wine glass I have been lucky to not cut myself.  I also want to do what everyone else wants to do is have a nice clean wine glass.

The technique that has helped me to reduce wine glass breakage by a significant percentage is for me to clean by holding the bowl and never the stem.  I also use less pressure on the rim when I clean around this area.  I also use different cleaning clothes–one I will use a lens paper and then I use a kitchen towel.

By holding the bowl I have a better grip as I am holding the strongest part of the wine glass–regardless of shape it should be easier to grip–which may seem counter intuitive.  Stems are only meant hold while sipping on your wine and to transport from “A” to “B.”  Below is video to demonstrate how to clean your wine glasses.

Take the utmost care and be careful when cleaning your–safety first is always paramount.  Never over exert and always exercise the highest level of safety when cleaning your wine glasses.   You can have the best of both worlds.







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