This Week in Wine February 17, 2019 – James Melendez

January is a great month–slower than the remainder of the year.  I know that it is when I need to get my online learnings done, read all that I want to read because there will be no time for anything else during remainder of year.  It is a strange annual rhythm but I am glad I pay attention and not let time wander away.


There is no perfect media and I know I have two different audiences in terms of writing (here) and video.  There is no mixing of audiences – some overlap but a minority–maybe 10%.  Hence writing and videoing about wine is always being behind where you want to be.  I know as comparing myself and listening to other wine writers they describe as being reminded  about assignment is overdue.  I for the most part have every rarely have had that happen.

One thing I want to do is complete an article in a well-known publication.  I love to write and share a perspective or highlight a subject that can be of value to a reader.  I am pitching.  If you have any suggestions let me know!


I have finally plotted all my 2,500+ videos for click rate and have found a very interesting curve that I call the “wine video evergreen curve” simply how do click rates do over time (it is a metric that is known to both viewer and producer).  Since I have a lot of data points and an intuition how things were progressing — I wanted a more in depth viewing and understanding and to share that.  Newer videos don’t operate the way it does for YouTube vloggers.  General vloggers successes is opposite of this curve–they do well in the very beginning and taper over time rapidly.  Also this content does not age well–simply because vloggers date their content; their content is based on a reality show of themselves but doesn’t make for long shelf life–it is not evergreen.  Below is a curve of my evergreen video content on YouTube.

I was compelled to do this because a well-known Napa Valley producer turned away my sample request of just one of their wines because they said they wanted print only articles about their wines.  Hence this shows/depicts overall performance for the video skeptic.

I wanted to highlight  what evergreen content is and how it performs over time and I was wanting to show this to not just to wine producers and PR communities; I also wanted to highlight this to the evergreen video producer community.

Wine is the only consumer product that is as complex and enjoyable as it is.  And yet presence of wine on video hardly covers the entire subject – if the cover rate was 1% I would be surprised–I suspect it is a fraction of 1%.


For my current wine cravings: I have had a particular craving for white Pinot Noir–truly as rare as rubies but I adore it.  I am also very much wanting to taste more Frappato and Sangiovese.  Sunday night 24-February is the Academy Awards: a sparkling wine/Champagne only zone for me.  And always for me drier is better–Extra Brut and Brut Nature s’il vous plaît.

I hope you have had a great week and wish you a great week to come!

Let me know what sparkling wines and Champagne you will open up.

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