This Week in Wine February 10, 2019 – James Melendez

“I just can’t stop the rain” Tina Turn sang multiple of decades ago.  And this is the week that the rain is a bit much for me.  For several winters in San Francisco there was not a drop of rain during winter–and yes it was an issue.  But it seems in terms of weather pattern it is a state of only wet or only dry.  Moderation or a wider distribution of rain seems not possible.


I remember speaking to a wine maker in December and I remember saying when will we see 15% and above ABV Chardonnay and Pinot Noirs?  He said he hoped never.  I said I think we will see them…  I dread the notion though.  And just as I had predicted I would taste a 15% ABV wine sooner rather than later.  I am A-OK with Zinfandel being in 15% or above–not loving it usually but I can accept it.  I actually find Zinfandel lower than 15% much more appreciable.

15% and above Pinot Noir is not something I want to experience routinely.  I do not accept–“well.. it doesn’t taste hot” I do taste the heat and it is on the initial palate exposure that it is completely understood as highly alcoholic.


This week I was excited to reach 400k clicks on my wine channel on YouTube.  I won’t belabour that milestone but for me I like to highlight it because it is excruciatingly hard to get there.



In other news, I have been more proactive in requesting from producers wines to sample–the old way of crossing fingers and hoping someone reads your mind is terribly ineffective.  One producer I reached to this week said they knew who I was and appreciated positive comments on past vintages of their wine.  I did give a compelling reason and not the “just give me a bottle” but more of a media kit reason with data points of performance and I was told “no.” And I paraphrase “but if you get a high profile publication then we will consider giving a bottle.”   What that told me was this person and I suspect some  producers see only print as valuable and all other media as useless.  I am not going to pitch to a publication on a potential yes of a sample bottle and do that for wines that most likely won’t make any publications future printings.  C’est la Vin.

More wine news… next week!



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