Build It and They Will Come Mindset; 15 Content Promotion Strategies – James Melendez

There is a mindset that no one really talks about but I do think many content producers come from this world:  “Build it and They Will Come.”  Magic and goodness flows just because you hit the publish button–no additional work needed.

I say this because sitting in on panels at Vidcon or WineBlogCon or elsewhere there is the talk of creating and posting content and yet amongst content producer there is the sentiment of disappointment on performance of content published.  In many cases as it is with food and wine –it is not something to be viewed/read in the first 72 hours only–it is evergreen and has a long shelf life.

The disconnect is that few content producers take the time to truly evergreen their content in terms of cultivation.  The cultivation is to repost and remind audience of content because after all once we created doesn’t mean the whole world saw it.  It meant simply that it was published.  I hear complaints about not having the resources to either both create and promote written or video content.  But the world is never a one time job; after all marketing departments are standing departments in most operations; rarely is marketing treated as a one-time only need.  Don’t be just a content producer–market your content.

Also content is finding opportunities to republish especially if it is evergreen; letting people know that it exists.  If you are a content producer and believe that you maximized your audience no need to republish but I think that is in the rarefied world that few live in.

I was at a wine dinner recently and I mentioned that wine content for producer is free to promote on social media.  I did mention I gave a talk on it’s what we have all been waiting for.  I was told that well that is great but there is the resource of time.  I said of course–the only difference between now and say a half generation ago is that you would have to pay to place your content or promotion some where in addition to creating your content.  I do think we live in the DTC (direct-to-consumer) world and hence our world is once more turned upside down but in a good way.

I do have a metric in mind when I publish my content.  I do monitor it and I have a lot of content out there 3,000 videos (wine, technology and other) and 2,500 wine articles published.  I am always aware of my average content performance and the mins and the max hit rates.  And with that I know that I am keenly aware of the below average performers.  Here are a few strategies I implement to change the low performers or opportunities to highlight great content.

15 Strategies to Help Promote Your Content:

  1. Have a benchmark of your contents metric performance (e.g. 1,000 hits; 100 views, etc.)
  2. Take the aggregate performance rate and look at the below average content (total hit rate divided by total content)
  3. When targeting your below average content performance determine if it is content that is evergreen (not dated material) I have selected and deselected based on relevancy as well
  4. Only promote that which is relevant and perhaps some material as in the case of video may not be the highest quality consider not promoting
  5. Make sure you have used all social media channels to promote (perhaps you have started using a new social media: Tumblr, Instagram etc.) Promote on those social media sites that you have not promoted previously
  6. Repost on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn – since I have published previously I would use a tag like #rewind #rewine (in case someone has seen before)
  7. Ask your followers to RT they may not always but sometimes this happens and that possibility of a larger reach is a bonus
  8. Add to respective playlists–99% of the time you can list on more than one playlist
  9. Like your own video–you are allowed to on YouTube (don’t leave this blank) – someone may like it but doesn’t hit the like button; it does encourage others to start giving a like
  10. Add to YouTube cards for your related videos
  11. On WordPress consider reblogging; you have to add a note but this is an excellent way to reminder followers
  12. Add a picture to your written pieces (obviously use a photo you have, one that is in creative commons and/or royalty free)
  13. Find opportunities to repost your video or written piece–it could be answering a question or even just letting someone know how you might have loved a certain wine and the memories that wine, food, events or travel brings back
  14. Find opportunities in published pieces to add video content (WordPress makes it easy with a YouTube functionality) and reference related and relevant articles with a link
  15. Keep the mindset that your content is relevant and though published someone who would like to read it hasn’t

Once content video or written pieces is completed the job of promoting it is not.   Over time when you have a lot of content you will have to decide which should be promoting and what doesn’t need additional promotion.  Online metrics is a slippery slope of knowing what to continue to promote or not.   An overwhelming large percentage of content producers are never happy with their content performance and a very small percentage find satisfaction in what they do.  So don’t be a dissatisfied content producer–do something about it.

Bottomline:  just because you created a written price or video doesn’t mean promotion is a one time job–it is a continuous effort.  You might be surprised that someone new is reading a piece you wrote or watching the video you produced and that is the first time they knew about your specific piece.



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