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In 2011, I wrote an article and recorded a video on QR Code in 2011 and I thought this was a breakthrough in remembering wines, labels and brands.  I thought it was the way of the future.  Not to mention its look very futurie.  I thought people were going to zap the code and voilà – wines remembered.  And it turns it that is not what happened.

Why did this QR revolution not happen?

Here are the reasons–basically a perfect storm of non-movement:

  • There was really no great secret de-coder ring – no one really wanted to turn their phones into code or bar scanners
  • Wine brands for the most part didn’t adopt the QR code
  • Other consumer categories–no one else adopted the QR code for other product lines/categories
  • Instagram – everyone wants to post picture of the object they like, have found or share their ‘social pizza’ slice as they are (not as an abstract symbol)

I was visiting a larger wine retailer in the Bay Area recently and I was fascinating how many people were snapping photos of wine bottles.  Either to recall what they might want to purchase in the future or perhaps ask some a question about the wine they photoed.

I counted the number of customers and the number of people snapping photos and it was 50% — and it was on a busy Saturday.

I was delighted that beyond myself I am not the only wine consumer that snaps photos of wine labels at wine retailers.  I do this because of either outstanding label design or I want to remember to purchase in the future.

While I do think the QR code will not come back in any meaningful way; there will be a technology that is probably either developed or being developed to take both photos and coded with metadata.  The metadata will help to pair the object being photographed with a large array of identifying information.

I was gung-ho for the QR but users wanted the simplest way to communicate or record the object they want to remember versus a treasure trove of data.   The future though is a race of competing technologies and I believe that the most ideal are not always utilised hence alternatives and even fashionable ways of communicating can supersede a technology–social media is dense with both video and photo and abstract looking codes are not desirable.

The one successful code not just on wine bottles is the bar code–though for a commercial purpose it has been used consistently from the 1970s to the present.  Let’s see if there is a need for something beyond photos and scanner codes in the future.



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