Alberta’s Two Week Boycott of BC Wines – James Melendez

My Visit to Okanagan Valley, BC, Canada

So this just in…. Alberta Ends Wine Boycott

Alberta’s Premier Rachel Notley  reportedly said “In a small way, BC blinked’ and hence a victory for Alberta?

Well that is a strange way to end a boycott….. first let’s begin by talking about wine boycotting in general.  It is odd that a Province would feel the need to pick from what they saw as low hanging fruit… wine especially; that of neighbouring province of British Columbia.  Wine can and does pull on the emotional heart strings of all affected stakeholders and hence a province, state or country believe by picking on a consumer product can get an action completed is misguided.

I am not sure it is a great comment about blinking if that is what the premier said or not.  Throwing wine under the proverbial bus truly will not turn the dial–it is through negotiation not boycotting that is affective.  Might rarely makes right… even in the short-term.

I think wine and to extend that out to beer and spirits is both highly taxable by any state, city, municipality, country, etc.  It is also seen as a bargaining chip for trade pacts, agreements and the unfortunate trade disputes that happen over time around the world.

I do think wine boycotting does set a precedence of not about blinking or not but when will that shoe drop again in the future?

I have been a big fan of BC wines.  I think BC wine producers have done a remarkable thing of producing beautiful wines in a short historical time frame.  I would hope that BC wines don’t ever become part of a boycott again.  No one wins in a boycott and in Alberta’s case the speed of trust to build up to again is not something anyone especially people in BC will forget about too soon.

This truly is disappointing situation and no one wins in this type of boycott.  BC producers who could have been affected for a longer period of time is not just about hurting people-less categories.  People work for producers and ultimately would pay the price of an extended boycott.   I hope BC and I have read about BC producers seeking a larger trading geography and for good reason.

A healthy market place (and especially with friendly nations, states or provinces) need to be free of consumer product boycotts.  If the market is the great hand that moves things–I don’t think that the interference and especially in the case is not just about bad PR it is about precedence and the long shadow it casts.



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