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YouTube is making a change to the YPP (YouTube Partner Program) to punish small producers who exercise good judgement unlike Logan Paul who uses  superbly poor judgement.  His poor judgement only garnered him more video views.  And YouTube is doing this protect advertisers?!?! Just because one doesn’t have millions of hits doesn’t mean that one is producing controversial material.  There are certainly ways to flag that by the user community.  I am in a niche category and I do have a community–a small one but a community nonetheless.  I have been increasing my subscription base and as I have always been–in continuous improvement mode–better videos, more subscribers and viewing hours ahead.

YouTube should come to a better understanding of the advertisers, creator and viewing community.  Wine has been underserved on YouTube and I am determined to meet the 4,000 hour viewing threshold.

Seriously what analysis could come up with that sloppy “answer”

And YouTube has been relatively unsupportive of wine since it’s inception.  I have been an absolute supporter of wine content and video and by that extension of YouTube.  YouTube has a requirement to be in their YouTube Creator Community which is the platform that allows monetization is 4,000 hours of video viewing of your content and over 1,000 subscribers.  (You cannot have monetization without being in the YouTube Creator Community).  I am over 1,000 subscribers but lacking on hours viewed in the past 12 months.

I am not just in support of my channel but all wine video content producers.

I remember watching an iJustine video and she talked about her baking videos and upcoming cooking videos and hinted how she is looking to create the topical matter for the long-term.  While vlogs and some vloggers are amazingly popular.  YouTube makes a priority and it is these traffic drivers.  Are each of the vloggers in for the long-term?  I do not believe so.

What I took away was that (iJustine) Justine Ezarik needed something more concrete to talk about in her longer term video strategy.  General vloggers may have high production value but a long term shelf stability is not a long one.  The long term is having a subject matter one can speak on for a something longer than the short term.  Wine content like wine has an ability to age…. to vintage.

When YouTube doesn’t support it’s wine video producer community is to discourage the investment in being a creator and thus the vicious cycle begins.

If beer and spirits can be a success –why not wine?  This is something I have been talking about for a while.  Wine is a complex consumer category–it is the the most complex category.

The complexity is vintage–how many consumer products might have a 1982 Coonawarra Shiraz…or a 1980 Brut Champagne… you get the idea.  Wine also has in addition to vintage: variety, cuvee, region, many producers, production, availability, etc..  I can say with certainty that wine has a much more built in complexity than brethren product like beer and spirits.  And I am always going to support beer and spirits and never negate while I uplift wine–I will uplift both.  Scotch and Beer have some very popular YouTube producers and they have been the model to look up to for the wine category.

YouTube may not be discouraging wine video content producers but it is certainly not encouraging people to get involved.  Certainly criteria in terms of minimum number of subscribers or hours viewed is prohibitive.  My 325k views is showing a historic investment on my part and the longer term should be taken into account at YouTube.

YouTube should look towards a longer horizon and work towards a different POV on wine video content.  It is not just good business but it is to gain from that openness and fairness to wine video content producers.

Wine videos and my analytics support it is that the unlike general swash buckling producers–viewing behaviour is very different. For popular vloggers like Casey Neistat their videos perform well after release and don’t have the shelf life of say wine.   Wine content and I lean heavily on my analytics perform over time.  I am hardly the first YouTube video producer to say this… it is a common topic at VidCon.

There are not enough higher quality wine video content producers and there has to be more to give adequate coverage of the many wine and producers out.

I am advocate for wine content on YouTube and perhaps the only way of getting there is to support one another.

My action is to subscribe and view your wine videos.  Please reach out to me and let me know your channel name so I can subscribe.  I will also subscribe not just to wine video producers but all small high quality producers with integrity.

Creating a more integrated wine community can support our subscribers but we can collaborate with each other as well.

Thank you and I appreciate your support!



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