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I was looking at my YouTube channel and I am trying to ready for video 2,500.  I took a thoughtful review in terms of titles.  I think that on YouTube a title is certainly the proverbial books cover.  The right title is important to get a potential viewer to click.  Also, I am one of the few individuals who have as many videos–it is not just a challenge to keep uniformity…it is a must.

My YouTube channel I can say has been not just about specific bottle reviews but I have been adventurous because in someways YouTube makes you be adventurous.  YouTube per se doesn’t do it but by merely being on YouTube and if you take your art seriously you automatically challenge yourself.  I have challenged myself in terms of video types: what works / what doesn’t work.  I have also had to take a look at metrics–and simple things such as determine best video length.

For me, what has been successful is interviews, specific wine reviews and general wine and beverage subject matter.  What has not been successful are events and too short videos.

I have seen an evolution of my own video presence, delivery and honing in on a conversational tone.  I have seen my cameras improve hence the output much easier on the eyes–I started in 2009 and in video terms that was several generations ago.

As I mentioned earlier I focused in on titles.  I could just leave things the way they are but I also tried to imagine what my brands looks like in total from my viewers point of view and I thought it was too much of a mishmash.

Example of My Point Score Graphic

I had gone from my 10 point scale to the 100 point scale.  I was determined to get my 10 point scale to stick.  But the 100 point scale is so engrained in many wine buyers expectation of wine scoring: I had to update and match that expectation by updating my scoring.  I still show my 10 point scale and 100 point scale (such as above) unified when I publish a wine review.  So here is what I did in wine reviews is a standard titling convention:

Wine Brand / Appellation / Variety / Vintage / Score / Episode Number and my Name

By aligning the titling convention is now uniform.  It did take a while to do it all but I believe it makes for a crisper brand.

Some things I removed was “James the Wine Guy” my video entry clearly displays who I am…. also my last name – I can use an accent mark on the second “e” in my last name or without.  I thought the easiest thing for uniformity sake is to remove the accent mark.

I am glad I made update–I also reminisced on small things… glasses, clothing, background and even subject matter.  I also thought about what I was doing in my life at that time and I can look back and look forward on things I have done since.

Take aways for your YouTube channel

  • Review your channel for consistency in titling
  • Review your playlists:  my belief is that they are too few playlists out there.  The value is to have your playlist being indexed and found and to play more of your videos
  • Promote the videos not just once but several times
  • Do you have enough information for your viewer to take action in the comments section?
  • Review your metrics
    • Look at average views duration
      • Are people tuning out early?
      • Where are your viewers
      • How are they watching them
  • Review your content for:
    • Intro
    • Outro
    • Music

If you have decided on video–I can guess that you have invested time and money—why not maximize your investment and message?  Video tells a lot and it offers a touch of brand enlivenment more than any other media.




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About James Melendez

I love wine and have had the privilege of working in the wine trade as a senior national wine marketing manager for a wine, food and home goods retailer in 30+ US States. I executed into making wine experiential and made 'wines of the world' programme work in a highly regulated framework for a successful business proposition. My "wine" site also incorporates those categories intimately involved with wine such as food, travel and lifestyle. This site incorporates my many dimensions of interest. I love to review and also talk about many aspects of wine. I have been privileged to visit many wine countries and find them enthralling no matter how many times I visit. I love all aspects of wine: viticulture, history, winemaking, brand development, wine regions and many more aspects. This is a living tradition that needs documentation, education, reporting and reviewing. Do I have favourite varieties and styles? I love so many varieties and often it is situational and yet there are time honoured wines that I anticipate and I am passionate about. I like all colours of wine and all styles. I have had a mad passionate affair with sparkling wines and they are always top of mind. Wine nourishes our soul and is the key to connecting with other people at our dinner table. Salute, James © 2014, 2017 James Meléndez / James the Wine Guy— All Rights Reserved – for my original Content, logo, brand name, rating, rating graphic and award and designs of James the Wine Guy. James the Wine Guy also on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social medias.
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