Malbecs Tasted on World Malbec Day 2017 – James Melendez

Here are a few Malbecs I tasted for this years World Malbec Day 2017.

Graffigna Centenary Estate Bottle Reserve Malbec 2014

This wine is mineral forward, Waldo blackberry, clove, espresso and Thyme. 14% ABV



Saurus Select Patagonia Malbec 2015

This wine is 14% ABV – Black cherry, cassis, bayberry, pepper, hint of graphite and violets and comes from Patagonia.


Vaglio Argelo Chacra Malbec 2014

13.9%ABV – Even, balanced, rich and not over the top; delicate black/blue fruit, Bay leaf, mineral and espresso.


Kaiken Ultra Malbec 2014 

14.5% ABV; black cherry, Lochness Blackberry, pepper, Bay leaf violets & dark chocolate.


Catena Alta Historic Row Mendoza Malbec 2013  

Exacting wine of harmonious notes of forest floor, Tayberry, cardamom, rose petal & Tarragon.


Wine courtesy of each producer.



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Wines courtesy of producer.

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