FedEx versus UPS…. Hands Down I Choose UPS – James Melendez

I see these all the time… yawn… does UPS even need to print these for their business?

UPS … nowadays it is hardly a contest–it is a no brainer.

I get a fair number of bottles of wine delivered to my house.  The two main carriers are UPS and Federal Express for wines that I receipt.  Just a few years ago I had a nearly opposite view of both carriers than I have today.

Federal Express use to be my preferred shipper that I would get wine shipped to me.  And then suddenly something that happened; UPS took a very different approach to their delivery business and my experience has never been the same.

I had to get my UPS shipments redirected to the UPS Main Office frequently.  I use to complete the redirection routinely and then something changed dramatically.  I stopped having to get my packages redirected.  I started getting my packages delivered to me in the evening.  Not a problem–I like my home more than the UPS main office in San Francisco.  Like clockwork–I even know my primary UPS delivery person by his first name.

UPS incremental improvement makes business sense.  Getting your package at the time of it’s intended delivery date versus a carrier driving around countless packages, many times to many location wasting space and fuel and increasing the carbon footprint.  UPS has no doubt looked at their data set and have understood ways to optimize it’s deliveries.  Because of the ever increasing shipment DTC (Direct-to-Consumer) UPS has understood the importance of getting packaging to customers on first try.

I dread the FedEx door tags; dreaded because that is all I ever get.  I cannot recall the last FedEx delivery person—possibly many months… feels like years.  FedEx makes it hard–they need to look at the 5S for not just making work easier–it is a job for me to get packages….. and worse of all I don’t get paid for it but for a better customer experience.  When I call 1800GOFEDEX they ask for the tracking number as most of the time the DT (door tags they have generated doesn’t work) –someone keeps forgetting to scan them in.  So I spend an inordinate amount of time on the phone with FedEx and ever more time trying to collect in person.  It is less science more Byzantium when trying to collect a package.  I have had many occasion where the “package is here” when the FedEx office team said it wasn’t.  Hence FedEx hasn’t gotten the concept of more efficiency creates not just happy customers but more robust profitability—apparently someone hasn’t gotten the memo.

I am considering revising my sample policy to eliminate samples by FedEx–most likely decrease samples I receipt but the heartache of the FedEx dance is a pain and just a waste of my time.

What is your preferred carrier?  Let me know by listing in comments.



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2 Responses to FedEx versus UPS…. Hands Down I Choose UPS – James Melendez

  1. Will says:

    I prefer FedEx for my online wine purchases. In fact, UPS was so bad a few years back that I requested a frequent retailer only use FedEx exclusively for my deliveries even if it cost more. Plus, my FedEx delivery person is great to work with, is dependable with a regular time slot, and is personable. Lastly, FedEx will deliver on Saturday while UPS does not.

  2. Of course this is my experience–I have spent enormous hours on the phone–for a current package I have spent an hour on the phone. I have asked for help from supervisors and online and to no avail. I have seen hundreds of door tags and have not seen a single one from UPS in at least two years.

    I think in terms of industry innovation; UPS has lead and will continue to lead. UPS is now going to deliver on Saturday–has had very late evening delivery times and their Kaizen efforts have paid off. No left turns, software and scanning that has shown me a commitment. I have seen no commitment on any level–if there is a problem there customer service both in person or on the phone should be helpful instead of pass the buck.

    I wish I had your experience with FedEx.

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