In San Francisco “Do You Want a Bag” has replaced the Greeting “Hello” – James

San Francisco has has a bag charge ordinance since 2013 and ever since the greetings at any store checkout has never been the same.  I thought well all I have to do was to have a bag ready for the sales associate to take notice and so that perhaps a normal exchange could take place….. wrong.

I was in Target in the FinDi in San Francisco and had a bag ready to go but the associate shuffled through the bag, touched it and asked “do you want a bag” a bit too predictable.  I hear from people saying that San Francisco is amazing from those visiting.  I always say try living in this terribly expensive and rather unfriendly town.  Even before the bag ordinance you might find it difficult to get a hello in the past and today–another reason to not say hello.  When I travel I find people to be friendly everywhere when compared to San Franciscans.  No matter what there is always a 49er mindset in the City.

If you look at the ordinance it seems like it is filled with great intentions.  But I ask why the need to pay 10 cents per bag?  I do not know what the intention is and the need to charge.  I think what I have seen is that the bags people buy are not recycled, break often, and I see on the street.  I question if the bag ordinance is truly environmentally friendly and that if we have taken enough plastic off the street so to speak–I think it may be relative in the long run.

Don’t be surprised when shopping in San Francisco you are not greeted but asked “do you want a bag.”



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  1. okiewinegirl2015,

    Hi James! Love beautiful San Francisco but the ‘bag’ issue is what happens when good intentions replace common sense.

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