Locations F Rosé and Corse Wines – James Melendez

I had the opportunity to taste two more Locations wines – F Rosé 5 and Corse White Wine (Corsica) Vermentino.  I rarely get to taste any wines from Corsica–so I am always thrilled to taste anything from this Mediterranean island.  Below are both of my reviews.

Corse White Wine – 100% Vermentino and 13.7% ABV.   SRP $18.99

Scent: Mix of gold and yellow citrus zest and peel, beeswax, crushed sea shells, and white floral tones

Flavour characterisation: Amalfi lemon, Comice pear, green apple and moist stones.



The F Rosé 5 is 100% Grenache and an ABV at 14%

Scent: fresh strawberries, red flowers, tea, and moist stones

Flavour characterisation:  mountain strawberry, green citrus, white pepper, anise, and hint of violets




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