Travels and The Things You Do: How I Love Being on the Road But Often Dread Traveling Before I Go – James Melendez

Long title right?

Sometimes I have to give great details in my articles otherwise it is a decision point some people may choose not to read.

I love being in a new place but often dread travel. And it is more than just the anticipated travel difficulties… it is about looking at travel in terms of fatigue, delay, terrible food while en route. I am not unique in dreading such things. I also dread the stress of getting ready. I use to be a packer that was last minute—I would forget something… actually I would forget a lot of things.

Over time I have remedied my travels by having one suit case prepared—just in case I didn’t have a lot of time to prepare. I switch out suitcases that the clothes I have packed with a fresh set of clothes and keep the cycle going. My toiletries are not quite as in good shape. I just need to prepare a bag ahead of time—I sometimes forget essentials like a toothbrush or floss or something like it—this is easily remedied by keeping supplies segregated from home use.

Travel has changed and often we look at the negative; flight rules, weather, delayed flights, unfriendly or uncaring airlines. The good old days were necessarily good. I remember before Uber or Lyft I had to depend on a taxi or worse a Suppershuttle. The old taxi system was a dread…. I don’t miss the days of waiting to order, pleading for someone to come, waiting outside until they came. I remember on an East Coast flight all of the taxi services were not answering or they were not being responsive (and this before they accepted reservations?!?) I had to walk a block or two to hope to find an available taxi and back then that was stress… praying that you found an available taxi…..ah the good ole days.

Today with all of the trepidations of flying I have come to love one aspect.  While you can buy WiFi service—I always turn it down or if I am flying business I opt out.  Why?  It is great to be connected but it is a luxury to be disconnected.  I get more writing done than when I am plugged in.  I read more…..I might have a cramped seat but have been lucky on numerous occasions flying domestically that I have gotten the exit row on Southwest.   It is probably because I travel alone and I am fortunate.

Even with a painful delay—somehow just somehow it all works itself out for me getting time to do things I love to do.  To find time to write is a luxury… read I rarely even have enough time to read a New Yorker article.

I have been fortunate while traveling—and like everyone else have received a healthy dose of difficulty but the upper road is to look skyward…. Being hopeful, appreciating time—having the time to appreciate time.  So when I dread the next trip or I would rather stay in my home base I have to remember my great experiences.  I wish you great experiences while traveling!



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