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I love beautiful things and especially if they have a dynamic flavour.  I know that I am not unusual in being an appreciator of the finer things in life.  But it is hard to find fine art and food united together.

Wine, great food, art, clothes, furniture and travel goes hand in hand.  Sometimes things intersect; Basel B Chocolates certainly intersect exquisite art and fine food.  The intersection is a passion of culinary artist Basel Bazalmit has developed a brand that encompasses the physical beauty with the compelling flavour characteristics.  I love that when I eat a chocolate with wine – it is a great experience of the truffle–a compelling 85% Columbian dark chocolate with the wonderful crunch and dynamics of the chocolate.  I eat a truffle to compliment my wine journey.  I eat a truffle to match and marry with wine and give the proverbial hand shake… no proverbial hug.  There are few unique truffles on the market place and having had a grand tour of year last year (2016) I was tasting many chocolate truffles.  While many had beauty on the inside it lacked an appreciable appearance or vice versa.

Basel B. Chocolate Truffles


I eat chocolate the way I drink my wine–with great appreciation and not doing so in terms of consuming a massive quantity of one or the other but to enjoy in moderation to gain insight into my wine and chocolate journey.



Basel B Truffle Flavours


I love the vividness of each flavour – the Holiday Spice is an evocative and sweetly spiced truffle, the Blueberry is a definitively rich flavour and handsome snapshot of the fruit, the Caramel and Hazelnut is a thrilling combination of flavours of rich caramel and further elevated by the earthly sweetness of the hazelnut.

My luxury is to enjoy one or two with a glass of wine.  I am fully satiated when I just a few to be my after meal experience (i.e. dessert) with either a full bodied red or a Madeira, Port or Sherry.

I do plan on a doing a video and compare the chocolates with the wines I will be pairing with his truffle flavours.  A par excellence experience that I recommend to everyone.

Basel at the 2017 Winter Fancy Food Show - San Francisco

Basel at the 2017 Winter Fancy Food Show – San Francisco


Here is information on his chocolates – currently available online:

Basel B Chocolates

And he will be exhibiting at the San Francisco Chocolate Salon on March 18, 2017.



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