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I am going to start writing more wine reviews than video wine reviews.  I am going to do so as I have given a lot of my time for my YouTube wine channel I don’t get a lot of credit or support.  I was looking for a recipe and accidentally clicked upon a guy doing a mediocre production with 50k hits on a pot roast.  A pot roast video at 50l hits?!?!  I do have one tech video over 40k clicks which feels great and oh by the way–it was accidental–I though it was a sleeper video-as it turns out people need a solution for a tech problem they were having.

Wine on YouTube is a sleeper and has always been so–never mind that beer and spirits do quite well–depends on video producer but in general there is much more interest.

I think my head on the nail is that smaller production wines are going to get fewer clicks… also, there are so many more wines produced on a yearly based as compared with beer or spirits.  There is a wine video consumer–they just don’t know where to look with this monolith of a subject matter.  When they know of a producer and they don’t find a video–guess what happens—they stop looking. They stop being curious on line because their searched have yielded nothing they are seeking.  I get it why consumers give up on wine videos.

I am NOT giving up on wine videos.  I am going to be more strategic.  I think anytime someone sends me a sample the expectation is not just a review but a video review.  Well a video review takes much more time to do than a written review.  My fellow reviewers spend much less time per wine than I do and they are expected to do anything else.

I don’t get paid to do a wine video and the time expended has been great.  While I have never promised a review of every wine I get I certainly have not promised I’ll make a wine video.  I am having to be more strategic with increasingly less time that I have and especially a full table of wine all the time.  I am both back logged in terms of what I have on my tasting table as well as what videos I have already filmed.  At this rate I cannot never catch up or even have time to producer general or education subject matter videos on wine.

I do think my written wine review counter parts get much more equity than I get.  I will expect producers to do their part when I do a video and after all it is with respect to the time I give for free.  I expect producers to do what they should be doing in their own interest–promote the videos they do receive–via a like, a retweet, share the posting after all it is in their sole economic benefit not mine.  I have notice some producers don’t even follow me on Twitter or other social media.

Just like a wine producer, PR or marketing group,  I just need to be more strategic and I have started to communicate to PR, marketing groups or wine producers themselves when I see both an opportunity to not just promote but also to support me trying to promote their product.

I have always been responsive to producers, PR and marketing agencies.  When I have been asked if I have reviewed their wines more often than night I send them the link.  I have given value to producers and will continue to do so.

I remember I was on a conference call and one person I meet said hew as putting enormous hours into one wine video.  I gave some experience points and stayed away from being preachy but there can be a rude awakening to the world of wine video content and expectation for clicks.

I love wine videos and videos in general and perhaps some day I can make a living at it.  I just need to click on any food, beer or spirits producer to continually inform and be inspired. And someday and it is not a new years resolution I will bring content back into check.



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I have two blogs on this descriptor page--I use to be able to make separate. My fragrance blog is to express my thoughts on fragrance. A passion in addition to wine. I think it is a stellar component to the senses and that which I am in love with. I hope you like both blogs. My "wine" blog also incorporates those categories intimately involved - wine, food, travel and lifestyle. We all need food and water to survive but we need wine to nourish our soul. My favourite varietals are Pinot Noir, Nebbiolo, Grenache, Syrah-Shiraz.. for my red wines. And I often circle back to these varieties and sometimes they are my home varieties. The journey of wine is an historical footnote also marked by viti-viniculture and artistry that makes this beverage a living one. I have worked professionally in the wine trade and have loved all aspects; marketing, history, science and art of wine. © 2014 James Meléndez / James the Wine Guy— All Rights Reserved – for my original Content, logo, brand name, rating, rating graphic and award and designs of James the Wine Guy. James the Wine Guy also on Facebook, Twitter and most major social medias.
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