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Reims looms large in my mind.  I have always been a fan of history and in awe of the historical record.  Reims for me is important in terms of French history and for the history of Champagne.  My pulse quicken when I was on the TGV en route from Charles de Gaulle in September of this year (2016).  As all transatlantic journey’s are long the tiredness of the physical does not affect the soul.  I kept thinking of seeing the historic Reims Cathedral and putting foot on ground to visit Domaines that I have never visited before.

Reims is where Clovis I united the Franks fifteen hundred years ago.  He was baptized near a small church where the present Abbey of Saint Remi is located.  Subsequent kings of France have been crowned in the Cathedral of Reims or more accurately Notre-Dame de Reims which was completed in 1275.  A magnificent cathedral that is impressive in it’s silhouette as it is it’s endurance.  I looked in awe and in reverence to this cathedral that was bombed severally by the Germans in World War I.  When you visit the cathedral the stained glass windows are unique–one showing the wine trade and another special set by Marc Chagall.

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Reims is a crossroads of France to Germany and The Netherlands both an historical blessing and curse. It is a great trade route and yet the crossroad has hit the heart of this historic city.  And the endurance is the story that I can only feel admiration for Champagne and the proud people who too have kept endurance as a tradition.  WWI was particularly devastating to the region and certainly the wine region was not spared from this war.  WWII end was signed here in the Musée de la Reddition.


Champagne is something that shouldn’t exist at least in it’s current form.  The endurance of the Champenoise is impressive.  Why did Champenoise continue to seek a way to develop it’s region’s wines from something as non-impressive to a world class wine.  Other wine regions have great climates and the struggle to create great wines is always there because viticulture is utterly dependent on weather.  Most wine regions are not as challenged as is Champagne.  Even with the auspicious privilege of crowning all the kings of France what the spirit that kept the movement to development this region’s wine?  Unparalleled spirit?  Quixotic dreams?

While I can mythologize and only be in awe—I think there are logical steps that made Champagne what it is today.  The answer lies in incremental improvement–blending wines, bottle design improvements (capability of holding several atmosphere’s worth of pressure is essential in bottle’s not breaking) as once a near majority of all Champagne bottles never saw the light of day literary.  And there are many other innovations that made Champagne a wine of evocation and a wine of endurance.  Champagne and Reims success certainly lies in it’s human capital–creating wines that were not only passable but of elegance, grace and prestige is through endurance and belief and it is also through good old fashion rolling up of many sleeves.  Champagne not only had to create great wines through many innovations but also marketing and promotion which has been happened for longer than many regions on the planet.  No matter how you look at it –it is something that is absolutely worth visiting and experiencing yourself.

Reims is a city that is easy to visit and to walk through.  There are a good number of Domaines to visit when you visit (you can of course visit Domaines further afield in addition to Reims).  Be sure to look at websites as they may require an appointment prior to arrival.

The Domaines in Reims

G.H. Mumm

34 rue du Champ de Mars
51100 Reims, France
Phone: 03 26 49 59 70


Champagne Charles de Cazanove

8 place de la République
51100 Reims, France
Phone: 03 26 88 53 86

Champagne Lanson


img_6204 img_6207img_7403

66 rue de Courlancy
51100 Reims, France
Phone: 03 26 78 50 50

Champagne G.H. Martel

17 rue des Créneaux
51100 Reims, France
Phone: 03 26 82 70 67

Champagne Pommery

5 place Général Gouraud
51100 Reims, France
Phone: 03 26 61 62 55

Champagne Ruinart

4 rue des Crayères
51100 Reims, France

Champagne Veuve Clicquot

img_6465 img_7625 img_7626 img_7603

1 place des Droits de l’Homme
51100 Reims, France
Phone: 03 26 89 53 90

Historial Sites to Visit

Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Reims

Place du Cardinal Lucon
51000 Reims, France

If you can wait to visit in September when the Cathedral is a show case for Rêve de Couleurs each September the light and music show is magical.  The Cathedral feels like it is moving and each story harkens to some aspect of this sacred place.  I was in awe and I hope to return to see this stunning show.


Basilique du Saint Remi

53 rue Simon
51100 Reims, France
Musée de la Reddition (Museum of Surrender)

12 rue du Pdt Franklin Roosevelt
51100 Reims, France

Cheers, happy and safe travels to you!



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  1. Talk about serendipitous to decide to walk back from the restaurant to the hotel and encounter the last night of Rêve de Couleurs. I will never forget it.

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