A Flood of South American Wines on my Tasting Table – James Melendez

Every year I chart out what I want to taste for the year ahead–actually I start planning in December.

My goal is to complete my racetrack of wine tasting.  I borrowed this term from a business operational tool.  I want to make sure I anniversary all wine regions, styles and varieties.  It is something I do on a conscious level to do in order to not over assort in one regions or style or variety.

Just One Portion of a Racetrack

Most years I do not taste enough or even some French, Australian, all central and eastern European wines.  This year I am way over assorted in South American wines; I had to turn away South American samples and I should say it is not all of South America – it is Argentina and Chile.  I also decided to not review some as I was both over assorted in terms of variety and region (I have one more South American wine to review as it is my yearly queue and then I am done with reviewing any more Argentinian or Chilean wines for the remainder of 2016).  I think that perhaps I am on all the PR agencies, marketing and importers list who specialise in Argentina or Chile.  Or perhaps there has been an even greater charge by producers of Argentina and Chile to promote even more heavily.  I suspect it is the later.


I know my readers and viewers fatigue and I do too when I review from only one region.  I have made a conscious choice to not be a regional wine specialist.  I do see some intrigue and fascination but for me bottom line it is an anti-intellectual thing for me to do.  I need to and I feel better when I have the whole scope of the wine world to consider for my painting of words.

I have tasted no Uruguayan wines this year and also no South African wines.  It was this month (November 2016) that I tasted my first Australian wines?!?!

I also want to be clear and not misquoted I still love Argentina and Chilean wines–nothing against the fine wines of these nations but I need to have a greater diversity in my tasting portfolio.

Here is a list I have published in the past and I am preparing for 2017.

Also this year I have taste very few Spanish wines; I have been lucky to taste from so many regions from Italia.  Also no wines this year from Greece.

I am a big believer in tasting wines from all regions and to not just taste but to have on and off-premise in every city.

Let me know your thoughts on wines you see in your market place–do you think your market has an over saturation of any specific regions?



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