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Reims – A Gateway to Champagne – James Melendez

Reims looms large in my mind.  I have always been a fan of history and in awe of the historical record.  Reims for me is important in terms of French history and for the history of Champagne.  My pulse quicken … Continue reading

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Wine Vlogging is A Tough Job – James Melendez

Vlogging is a tough job.  Not complaining because I choose to do it. I think sometimes I am made more human about taking on the back end of what I do. I did a video in response to a recent … Continue reading

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James the Wine Guy Interview Series: Jameson Fink

I was delighted this year to not only see Jameson not just once but twice this year.  We both attended the Wine Bloggers Conference 2016 in Lodi.  I appreciate the panel that Jameson was on and his responses.  His responses … Continue reading

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‘You’re Obviously in the Wrong Place’ – One of My Experiences – James Melendez

I have seen the Gere/Roberts movie several times and I could never forget the line ‘You’re Obviously in the Wrong Place’ and I also think of the commentary of Romy and Michele as they watch this scene in Romy and Michele’s … Continue reading

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The Great Cornucopia of Thanksgiving Food and Wine for Your Holiday – James Melendez

I love Thanksgiving – I love it obviously for the food and feast and I love it for sharing a wide variety of wines with those closest to me.  Thanksgiving as I see it is an opportunity to have the … Continue reading

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A Flood of South American Wines on my Tasting Table – James Melendez

Every year I chart out what I want to taste for the year ahead–actually I start planning in December. My goal is to complete my racetrack of wine tasting.  I borrowed this term from a business operational tool.  I want … Continue reading

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My Top Wines of 2016…. Not Quite Yet – James Melendez

I decided to publish this article as I am not quite ready to publish my top wines of 2016 because it is too early.  I saw that James Suckling published his list top 100 on 20-October-2016 which is comparable to … Continue reading

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