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My Initial Thoughts On My Travel to Champagne During Harvest 2016 – James Melendez

Champagne has always meant something to me… looming large and lovingly in my mind and always with a lot of intrigue. I am writing a series of articles of my journey to Champagne during harvest time this year (2016). I … Continue reading

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Who Is The Napa Valley Falcon Whisperer, And How Did She Help Make Your Cabernet?

Originally posted on brave new palate | natural wine, food, essays:
Generally speaking, most wine coverage focuses on two kinds of people in the industry: winemakers themselves, and sommeliers. Logical, yes! But a whole slew of characters are involved in the…

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Travel Checklist and My Trip Preparedness – James Melendez

I have often been known to produce a “wow” when someone sees my luggage. For others most people are okay to leave their home with most humblest of supplies. I prefer to be prepared.   I hear people tell me that … Continue reading

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