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Attending this year’s Wine Bloggers Conference in Lodi I met a whole new group of people that I didn’t know before.  I feel that it is essential to support new online wine writers as well as videographers.  Traditional press I feel have not always been complementary about a large community of online wine writers–who for the most part are largely unpaid.  I think the traditional and paid press might pick up on those who write to get “free” wine.  But the industry has recognised those who write because there is a higher purpose and those who are seeking samples only are those who I believe over time get fewer and fewer samples.

No one has a number of how many wine labels exist year over year.  Needless to say it is very large and I have talked often about how there are not enough people to cover all the wines that exist.  Wine publications do cover a large portion but there are so many others that are not picked up by the publications.

The newer online wine writers I feel are important to not just keep content fresh but also new approaches.  I also like seeing a great diversity of online wine writers–that cover gender, race, ethnicity, age and experience and every walk of life.  I know a lot about my demographics of my viewers and readers but I also know that I cover a lot of important demos but I don’t cover every person.  When Gary Vaynerchuck retired from wine videos–I could hear a collective sigh of disappointment.  I pointed out to many people in the industry that Gary while he and his PR partners brought a lot of attention to the wine world — even his reach was limited.  I look at his videos today and they are certainly aged – I am not sure I can connect with a particular game of the NY Jets and still find that relevant today.  While wine producers loved Gary I am not sure his demographic reach touched all wine consumers.  After Gary the wine world survived as I had expected and now I think there is a time for new people who are committed writers to find their audiences and their potential viewers and subscribers to find them.

I think the community of online wine writers will succeed not by competition but by cooperation and collaboration.  When I meet new(er) online wine writers or even wine vloggers I give encouragement.  I have rarely received encouragement but it is my recognition of little encouragement that I do want to encourage other people who write or complete videos about wine.

I do believe that a wine bloggers conference does bring people together once yearly.   I would love to see a stronger organization or platform to get to know each other and to support one another.  I do think an organization is needed and I could see such an organization can lift all boats.   This organization could also keep it’s foothold of relevance and value of online video creators and wine writers.

I look at the many online wine writers communities and there are many are not necessarily what I am speaking of–as each time a new community is created it is a place to post material.  Perhaps there is a higher calling that we can come together and offer our value proposition via an organization.  After all Sommeliers have various organizations to represent their value.

While I am an advocate of a more formal group–I am not saying that I want to create this potential organisation by myself.

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1 Response to New and Present Online Wine Writers and Wine Video Creators Are Essential – James Melendez

  1. evoinos says:

    The travel sector may be a good source of inspiration looking for viable options and perhaps avoiding pitfalls. The case of Gary is actually a good example of mutating roles while at the same time a great example of personal growth while pursuing higher goals and widening scope of influence beyond supporting wine.

    In the end as you say, it’s about framing added value, supporting it, defending it and who knows, may be even be about designing against obsolescence.

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