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I have never have a shortage of topical matter to write and to complete video.  I think some subject matters there might be a struggle.  The opposite struggle exists for thoughtfully writing about wine and the time to do it.

No other consumer category is like wine–a strange and compelling product–strange in that there are a plethora of wines multiplied by vintage, vineyard, region and cuvée to name a few features.  My intention has been to write and video wine content (as example: a wine review of the same bottle) as I believe I do not always have the same audience–the audience self selects the media type they prefer – written or video.  I am constantly struggling to produce content–I don’t know where to begin and how to do this all in a timely manner.  I do get the occasional “where is the video review” query though I do not promise to complete a review either written or video.  I got one from a PR agency recently asking “are you going to review the wines or not?”  I often get an email before a sample is sent and I disclose that I may be traveling or to wait a certain time before sending.  But sometimes I just get a sample being delivered.  For this particular agency, I was going to review because the wines were compelling and I wanted to do that.  I, of course, did change when I was going to review these wines as I had a big queue and would get to them as soon as I reviewed previous receipts.

I rarely get an inquiry of this nature and when I do it is that I have often already produced the video or written piece.  I was taken aback by such a query–I didn’t want to not produce a video if it was for the agency itself I might not have based on the aggressiveness of tone.  I think this particular PR agency thinks all wine reviewers/writers are either paid or love doing things for free 24/7 or just because they are presenting them I’ll do it.  99% of all other PR agencies have had a very professional touch and have never made me feel I had to do something or they directed any piece I have ever written.  


I don’t think anyone knows how many wines are produced today–but it easily 10x what it was a generation or two ago.  There are not enough publication or wine writers or videographers to cover everything.  And some wines receive multiple reviews and some of that is based on sampling programmes.  I don’t rely on samples and like the independence of acquiring wines on my own additionally and I am also gifted a good number by friends.  

I have looked at how I can cover more regions and varieties and am developing a method to review all wine regions of the world.  I have held back on samples when I get too full of one region because I have them staring at me on my review table and have been over assorted in some regions.

I have never thought I would only review one or a small handful of varieties or concentrate on one region.  Of all of the “specialist” I have met there seems to be a regret when doing so.  I think wine as a subject matter can best be addressed as a whole and not to only specialise in a region or two or only in a set of varieties.  I think for me it is the betrayal of my intellect if I only specialise in just one region.  Now for the people who do – it is their choice and I am not criticizing them but it is not my style or wish.

I have only excluded one variety in my sample policy and that is Petite Sirah.  I do not love Petite Sirah and it is something that I no longer want to do.  I still review every other wine variety except Petite Sirah.  I have had almost no comment on that choice.  I would love to see what people think.

Some people think all I do is review wine as my job–unfortunately–that is not the case.  I am sure I could produce substantially more content.  Being a full time reviewer is hard unless you have a site that produces ad revenue or other income streams.  

The only thing I can do is to continue to write and video and when I look at the blogger or vlogger sphere I am in rare company as I know I am top tier producer and that I know not every is producing at the same rate.  It is all about discover and finding patience with oneself and that others find in you as well.



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I love wine and have had the privilege of working in the wine trade as a senior national wine marketing manager for a wine, food and home goods retailer in 30+ US States. I executed into making wine experiential and made 'wines of the world' programme work in a highly regulated framework for a successful business proposition. My "wine" site also incorporates those categories intimately involved with wine such as food, travel and lifestyle. This site incorporates my many dimensions of interest. I love to review and also talk about many aspects of wine. I have been privileged to visit many wine countries and find them enthralling no matter how many times I visit. I love all aspects of wine: viticulture, history, winemaking, brand development, wine regions and many more aspects. This is a living tradition that needs documentation, education, reporting and reviewing. Do I have favourite varieties and styles? I love so many varieties and often it is situational and yet there are time honoured wines that I anticipate and I am passionate about. I like all colours of wine and all styles. I have had a mad passionate affair with sparkling wines and they are always top of mind. Wine nourishes our soul and is the key to connecting with other people at our dinner table. Salute, James © 2014, 2017 James Meléndez / James the Wine Guy— All Rights Reserved – for my original Content, logo, brand name, rating, rating graphic and award and designs of James the Wine Guy. James the Wine Guy also on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social medias.
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