Is there an Ideal Colour for Rosé? James Melendez


Is there an Ideal Colour for Rosé?

Well…. that is two questions:

Is there an ideal colour for Rosé: NO

Is there an idealised colour for Rosé: YES

I’ll start with the yes, first and foremost I do not believe there is one correct colour.  So many people get wrapped around a tree when they believe that a Provence coloration is the perfect and ideal colour.  That without the Provence pigment all Rosés are less than ideal.  Idealise other things that are worthy of it: world peace, cures for diseases and sensible work environments and great jobs to name a few.  Dramatic?  Maybe.  But many people believe in only one stylized colour–the very pale pink.

Why is this of concern or at least note?  Last month I talked with a large number of wine importers and distributors and a common theme was buying Rosé and concern of selling deeper hued Rosé.  I asked what the problems were with darker hues and it was that anything too deep in colour doesn’t sell.  Now the importers and distributors were not just from the US but also all around Europe.

I thought why should one style influence other producers around the world.  I think many consumers are seeking dry Rosé and I do think many writers and reviewers have over time had a love affair with Provence Rosé hence the influence does rub off.


Now onto the raison d’etre for this article: Is there an ideal colour for Rosé: NO

I do prefer only dry Rosé – though I have seen pallet of the sweet pink stuff at a warehouse retailer near you.  I do think thoughtful producers are giving us good and sometimes great dry Rosé wines both sparkling and still.  I don’t get hung up nor should you on colour alone.  In fact, I love to taste multiples of the same variety Rosé and I can see that skin contact and hence the colour itself is affected–and there is an influence to the characterisation.  I do love a mid-hue colour that I call cathedral stained glass window.  And I also must declare that, of course, I love Provence Rosé – I never put down one style in place of another–I see beauty in many wine styles sans sweet wines when they are not dessert wines.

I do think wine makers someday will be freer to make the colour of Rosé the colour they want it to be and that wine importers/distributors won’t hesitate to make a buy.  I hope this article encourages you to try different hues of Rosé and you will be instrumental in that some day this won’t even be a topic.

Until then enjoy your Rosé the way you want to enjoy them.



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