State of Wine Producers and Wine Promotional Groups in Regards to Wine Video and Blogs

I write this as a both a wine writer and videographer to both producers and wine promotion groups.  I think wine articles and video I create aren’t leveraged by the producer or wine promotion groups*.

What I mean by promotion is wine producers should maximize their investment in both the written form (blogs) and the video medium as well from people who write or video about their wines or about their site, facilities, events, etc.   After all many wine producers give samples and I think there is an expectation of a review.  While brands like Wine Spectator, Parker, Wine Enthusiast are often utilised for the point scores they give many more people who write about respective wines aren’t leveraged not even for their point scores let alone their content.  I do have a great number of wine producers who have featured me on their website, my point scores that I have given in tasting rooms, and tweet, retweeting and liking Tweets or videos on YouTube.  Out of over 2,300 wine videos I think only a small percentage take the opportunity to leverage content.  I have easily over 75% of what I have talked about not leveraged the brand I am reviewing–no Tweet, no mention and not take the time to recognise the content.  This is by no means a ‘please acknowledge me’ plea it is why not as a producer or a wine promotion group use this material—it’s free promotion and publicity.  I think many producers and wine region promotional groups are unaware of content–especially if I buy wine and it is not given by a sampling program.

Basically many online wine writers and videographers are giving away a valuable product for free. Here are so basic suggestions to have producer to leverage content that is about their product:

For Producers

  • Google Alerts – input your labels to see what might be out there
  • In addition to RT the content producers Tweet/video send your own out
  • Give a like and share the video – a meaningful touch to help video get a better return on search and it also shows support.  Producers are often aware of video but incredibly don’t watch the video of their product–even if the video content is positive
  • Subscribe to person who just completed a video on your wine – perhaps another video of your product will be featured
  • Add to your website under a “latest press” section – the accolade, a link to video or article
  • If you or your PR agency didn’t give sample–perhaps this person might be good to feature in future sampling drops
  • Bring up video in staff meetings and have people give a like a share

Here is for what wine promotional groups/trade groups to leverage content about their regions:

For Wine Promotion Groups

  • Add your region in Google Alerts – might be interesting how much talk is happening about your region or not; if not you have a great opportunity
  • Give a like of video and share video
  • List this in your websites accolades or press section
  • Follow producer on Twitter; there are many wine regions–a great way of showing support and engagement.
  • Subscribe to channel and see what they will be producing in future

And here is what wine video producers and wine articles/blogs can do to also promote content being produced:

For Video and Article Producers

  • Tweet your article; include the producer’s handle, PR agency (if they have one) and wine promotion group handle
  • Give a like to your video–you are allowed to vote for your own video – so take advantage of that and also all of your channels are allowed one vote–so use all that are available to you
  • Include information on producer in description and other information of interest about product or producer
  • Just because you published a video–your work is not done; having a vast bank is time consuming but it is also an advantage to have a wealth of information to retweet and re-promote
  • Continue to promote your video not just one time job but ongoing; just because you tweeted once doesn’t mean your community has seen nor does it mean that an interested party has seen it
  • Add to the respective playlists; playlists in YouTube are important; make sure they line with as many helpful playlist descriptors as possible; also you can enable an “auto add” function to search content and add automatically to playlist; and auto add’s will only search for exact information including diacritics – hence add one line with diacritics and one without
  • If they you built it doesn’t mean wine producer saw your content nor did the PR agency; you can send an email just incase they they didn’t RT or like your Tweet; I have had countless people contact me and I let them know I had already published
  • You can also add your video to any of your written article for a maximum impact
  • If you are producing videos–make them concise and easy to understand i.e. add a point score; make sure you do not have any file names in your title name (I see this often and instead of hitting play I run to any other video producer).
  • Videos should have an intro and outro
  • Video content should be edited; no one wants to see camera move around touch much, uninteresting or even irrelevant material; edit video for watchability
  • Play some music in video
  • Written articles–include photos that you have taken and if you have completed article–add it!

I believe that wine videos and the wine blogs and articles are truly not activated–what I mean by this is that a lot of content but there is relatively no community to support and collaborate with each other.  And I think many people built their content and expect people to just open it immediately; while opening content is a big ask—have a relevant title.  As mentioned above I have seen people using a file name instead of the subject matter of video.  No one will view these videos.  

When I say community in the video world it is people not reaching across the aisle and asking someone to appear in video.  I have asked many people to be in my video and they are not comfortable–hence I will only include video that want to be in my video.  Vlogging videos have been very popular and have perfect many aspects including collaboration to cross promote each other’s channel.

There is relatively little collaboration in the YouTube world as it relates to wine and it shows–it is a sleepy category but one where I think there is an opportunity for many more hits.  I use my example–my most popular wine video has nearly 5,000 hits and of course many in the double digits.  All of my top ten are north of 1,000 and say why not for an even higher percentage of my videos.  

So let’s get on this category and move it to another level–active engagement on all parties is needed for both the wine, wine article, video consumer to embrace the medias.  Built it and they will come is not a recipe of engagement but one of the current state.  I think if many beverage arts videos are nicely popular–why not wine?

*Example of a wine promotion group are groups like:

  • LoCA Lodi Wine Grape Commission
  • Oregon Wine:
  • Wine Country Ontario:
  • Rías Baixas –

And there are many more out there.



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