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This is my first wine video: Murphy-Goode contest “A Really Goode Job” in 2009; this shows as my number 3 video in YouTube; I thought I better upload this video as it will disappear from the Murphy-Goode site 

As of today, Sunday 27-June-2016, I have surpassed Jancis Robinson for total clicks on YouTube – me – 248,446 and Jancis at 248,423.  While this may not seem like a large number at least in the wine video world it is very difficult to get in the hundreds of thousands and to surpass a well known wine personality.

While the number may be a small difference it is based on trending that this has been building over time and will continue to surpass.  Jancis has not published for at least a year–she continues to get clicks–my only assumption is that she may no longer be interested in producing wine videos.  I work hard and constantly on wine and video.  My clicks have been by effort and sweat.  Jancis has stated that she doesn’t think of wine video as a spectator sport.  I do think this sentiment truly reflects a negative view of wine videos.  I am a different generation than Jancis and have a very different view of wine and video.  Jancis has a traditional print perspective and I think both has not truly been tuned in on video and wine. I have poured over my own metrics as well as looking at other wine video producers for characteristic viewing behaviours.  I have a core belief in being flexible with video and comfortable with it as well as chief believer that my channel is about community.  I also believe that there is an appetite for vlogged style videos.  If beer, whiskey do well in terms of clicks why not wine.

I have written that previously that when Gary Vee exited at his 1,000th video the industry gave up on wine and video (though not everyone).  I think that there is plenty of room for more wine video content–there are too many demographics that one person cannot support all of them.  My demo is very different than Gary’s as example.  I too think some people have been very dismissive about me and my wine videos hence I created a video James…are you still making THOSE videos!?! and those who ask that question–my video content is for those who want to see it–perhaps there is jealousy?

I think many people give up prematurely on wine videos–and perhaps because there is a misconception in terms of click builds – ‘create it and they will come’.  Wine videos just like any other content needs to be promoted.  Also expectation weights in more than it should.  I will hardly be the first video producer who has said what you expect to be successful rarely is and that which you don’t have a great expectation exceeds it.  Also wine is one of the most unique products in the world today based on vintage, variety, region and limited product and this is both a challenge and blessing for wine video content.  And not surprisingly well known brands or subjects tend to do better than lesser known topics or wines.

Being a video producer means having a very thick skin–comments and those who exercise judgement against you or your comments via video are those who willing to try themselves.

Jancis has done well in my opinion in the YouTube sphere for not believing in it and have a high click rate.  She has succeeded but not truly being active.  Her column and written voice is well known and I think there is video consumer who is seeking video her video content whether it is current or not.

I have come from an opposite experience–not in any major column and having to build my community one subscriber and viewer at a time.  I have had to and will need to be experimental and flexible as wine video content is concerned.  I have had to also explain to the casual observer that not all wine videos are going to have a great click rate–and that wine video clicks are earned over time not in the first month of publish.  Wine videos are almost the opposite of all other video category on YouTube.

I continue this journey and who knows who I might surpass in the future–maybe no one else?  But in the mean time I keep my eye steady on the horizon and have a core belief that wine and video are a good thing.

Thank you for watching!

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One Response to James the Wine Guy Surpasses Jancis Robinson on YouTube – James Melendez

  1. Craig Camp says:

    Congratulations James, you earned every view.

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