Evolution of Wine Blogging to a More Inclusive All Wine Media Front – James Melendez

I have thought for sometime that the standard wine blog is due for evolution.

The Wine Bloggers Conference is an event that I attend yearly (thought this year I may not be attending due to the logistics of getting there) – so close but yet so far away.  No I don’t own a car and the organizer is using Sacramento as their preferred pick up point–never mind that people are flying in from Vancouver, New York, Toronto and so fourth and there are no non-stops to SAC but there are non-stops to SFO.  Wine Bloggers Conference pays a scant attention to video and generally focuses on the written blog.  I have complained about and to no avail will not have my lobby video meet up.  I am sure I will see video friends there and we will chat.  I am doing this because wine video is not a subject that should be ushered into the hallway or lobby as if it is an unworthy subject matter.

While the European wine bloggers became Digital Wine Communication Conference in recognition that it may not be the standard written blog as the only way to communicate about wine online.  I have not seen a 2016 conference planned on the website–not sure if they are going to do one.  But I think there was that recognition of ‘wine blogging” as an evolving subject.

I write this because there is a community of people who scoff at someone like me who both writes and completes video on wine.  I have people who have said to me “James are you still making ‘those’ videos” To which I responded which of ‘those’ videos are you speaking of… I had to complete a video.

I have heard this dismissive statement and I think these ways of talking about video and in particular my channel in a demeaning fashion.

Even producers and those that promote wine have not been embracing.  Thought I do have a very nice community and certainly get invites and samples and sometimes site visits.  But I do get the distinct feeling some people would prefer that I write only.

I look at the beer, whiskey, even coffee and tea communities on YouTube and look upon with awe and wander.  I also point to the food community which is superbly active, engaged and engaging.  I have written about many times that wine isn’t there–I have not thrown in the towel–I think there are some interesting aspects to wine that make it so much more difficult than any other category.

Wine is different–one characteristic is vintage–few products have a vintage or at least the same way wine does.  I can look at my videos at popular labels get more hits –lesser known ones get less.  Wine behaves vastly differently.  When I attend VidCon the conference is for popular categories.  And the framework and even data points evolve popular subjects and even the way the YouTube algorithm is different for wine–not because it is singularly targeted–it isn’t.   For example, most videos that are released gain most of their momentum and clicks in the first week to two–after that it is trailer off time.  This is simple because some of it is about being current.  Wine is the opposite–it builds over time as there is someone looking for this content.  Wine has a great shelf life than other categories.

I have written about it before that some of the wine world hasn’t gotten over that Gary Vaynerchuk is no longer producing wine videos as he once use to.  I did challenge wine distributors of the value in just holding Gary Vee up to a certain light–as it doesn’t allow others to come up and only Gary could do this media well.  Gary had limitations in his demographic and content that is dated simply by talking about football games of days past.  Gary did ‘jump the shark’ when he was eating the soil in a vineyard.

I think that wine is so expansive–that we still don’t have the coverage for all demographics.  I see many people start and then taper off and discontinue.  I think YouTube probably has a whole rainbow of difficult video content that is “not popular” yet because the algorithm is only designed for ‘winning’ numbers.  I do think YouTube is interested in promoting it’s producer base.  I do think that they do at some point should look at tough categories and help to make them less tough–allowing talent to use a YouTube studio, algorithmic recognition of the lesser known categories.

I do see the evolution of just blogging as something that needs an evolution.  There are plenty of ways to expanding that scope–Vine, Periscope, YouTube and Vimeo to name a few.  I think the more successful wine writers who have or will explore other medias will be better able to give dimensionality to wine and that is a frontier that has been barely scratched.

When I do a wine video I publish on all my medias and reference in my playlists.  I do hope that the producer will at minimum RT the video on Twitter and post on their respective social medias.

I do think it is inevitable that readers, audience members, community members that we have developed will be asking/seeking more…if not those people may upgrade to other people.

I will be reaching a milestone soon on my YouTube channel in a few days–I’ll announce later.

What are your thoughts about all online medias?

Is the written blog about wine needing an evolution?

Are people reading at the same rate as they once did about wine in the blog format?

Drop me a line in this article or in the social media’s I list below.




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