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#BBM Better Bottle Monday – Not a New Meaning; A New Application – James Melendez

Monday’s are days to either look at as an opportunity day for wine.  I often hear people talk about wine as being a Monday or Tuesday wine as very separate wine from Saturday. I also created a video to mark this day on my YouTube channel.

I don’t want an uninteresting wine just because it is a Monday–punishing me with Monday on top of a “Monday” wine.  Mondays are opportunities to lay the foundation for a great week ahead.  Celebrate that you made it through a tough Monday or delight in goodness in the glass even on a Monday.

My intention was not to say open that special vintage bottle of Champagne on Monday but open something that you might not normally open up.  Perhaps for you it might be a bottle of bubbly, a Barolo or something simple and delightful as an Alsace Pinot Blanc.


Now I am using #BBM is to highlight a particular wine and region versus just open something up.  It is both an alert and reminder as well as consider this wine and variety.

This week I featured: Michael Shaps Monticello Petit Manseng and saying “how about a Petit Manseng from Virginia”

Last week I highlighted Austrian Reds and pictured is Muhr-van der Niepoort Samt & Seide Blaufränkisch

It is important for to give a better meaning to #BBM and what better way than to give ideas for trying new wines and that I am sharing via many social media: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

So far there seems to be a very positive response.  Maybe this will spur more people to give reminders and callouts for specific wines, regions and varieties.

Stay tuned for more!




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