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I saw the published agenda for Wine Bloggers Conference 2016 and video content is snubbed once again.   There is a class on Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, & Periscope; Periscope is the only video component but what I would term the main stay of wine and video.  Periscope is not an easy video media to utilise.  I do think Periscope can be relevant and it is an exciting concept.

Wine and video is certainly present on YouTube, Vimeo and Vine and hence this topic not covered truly doesn’t help to frame information for attendees at WBC.  Vlogging is an important category on YouTube and I do think it again is a natural extension of the traditional blog.

I have had ‘meet ups’ at each of the past several WBCs and I thought there should be a section on wine and video hence I submitted for a class.  Before I was notified my submission wasn’t accepted I saw the agenda and didn’t see any video content workshops.  I don’t think I will do a ‘meet up’ at this year’s WBC – video medium should not be just a lobby workshop–it deserve an official slot on the Wine Bloggers Conference agenda.

Many of the past agenda’s are very text specific and I do think this is right conference to talk about layering text with video.  Video is a natural extension to traditional text ‘blog’ entries.  Wine as I have advocated needs the media that allows for not just informational delivery but for that which only video can give: emotion, colour, voice, and non-verbal cues.

I have completed a lot of Blog entries over 3,000–in the past few years I have often supplemented my writing with video of related subject matter.

I am disappointed that video is once again relegated to no coverage on the agenda of Wine Bloggers Conference.  The dynamic nature of video is not explored here and that is a loss for those who might want to venture in the area and to expand their reach.

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2 Responses to Wine Bloggers Conference Snub Video Content Again – James Melendez

  1. aswright says:

    James, thanks for caring enough about content at the Wine Bloggers Conference to write a post about it.

    I do want to clarify that we are VERY into non-text forms of wine communication and have often featured them before, including these recent sessions:
    2015: Photography and Videography On Your Smart Phone (breakout session)
    2014: Photography & Videography (two-hour workshop)
    2013: Videography, Photography, & Podcasting (2.5 hour block session)

    So as you can see, not only are we not snubbing video but, if anything, we have been including it every single year! And rather than leave it out, as you are suggesting, we simply decided to try something new (as you pointed out), with a session that includes Periscope and Snapchat, which is also video and photo based.

    Keep in mind, too, that the sessions included in the agenda are those that get voted in by our alumni.

    Wine Bloggers Conference

    • Hi Allan,

      True these have topics have been on the agenda; however, I have in the past two years conducting an in lobby discussion about best practices, technique, copyright, design, overall construction of video, trends as it relates to wine and video, audience building, community creation, community management, and YouTube (to name a few of the many topics) as there was an interest/need from fellow bloggers at WBC.

      I think it was important that a deeper discussion, topics fully explored and within a frame of current trends, how tos and extended to brand identity as translated through a dynamic media like video. I didn’t attend the Photography or Videography on Smart Phone as I didn’t think this was sufficient for my needs–I did gather people together and meaningful exchanges have happened for the past two years for the Lobby video and wine sessions.

      I go to VidCon each year to gather the latest of video subject matter and a large portion of that is YouTube. I think that as example YouTube is a class unto itself. This year’s content on Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, & Periscope is truly not video focused. Periscope is the only video subject matter–I am not sure how Snapchat is part of social media scope. I have also covered Vine in my lobby sessions at WBC and I have not hear Vine talked about at any session at WBC.

      I don’t think video has much coverage this year and in years past has not lived up to the need of those like myself who actively participate in the written word as well as the videod one as well.

      There is a value in presenting pertinent, relevant and needed subject matter for attendees and hence that is why I proposed a video session and not to be part of a 1/4 of a session if video even gets that coverage this year.



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