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Wine Bloggers Conference Snub Video Content Again – James Melendez

  I saw the published agenda for Wine Bloggers Conference 2016 and video content is snubbed once again.   There is a class on Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, & Periscope; Periscope is the only video component but what I would term the … Continue reading

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The Power of Tequila and Video – James Melendez

When I did a search in YouTube for Avión Reposado Tequila I rank on the first page; often but not always in 2nd or 3rd place; not bad.  Interesting this particular video is higher than the brand Tequila Avión itself.  … Continue reading

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The Big World of Chianti: A Region to Ponder Once Again – James Melendez

Before naming this article “The Big World of Chianti” I am almost titled this “The Complex and Misunderstood World of Chianti.  Chianti is complex because it is misunderstood and yet easy to know as well.  Many people outside of Italy … Continue reading

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A Spring Mountain District Gem – Smith-Madrone – James Melendez

It was my birthday October 2 2015 and it is one of the few days on a calendar year that I take completely off….well sort of.  I had a rush getting to Napa Valley–I planned on a taking a leisurely … Continue reading

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Finger Lakes Visit – A Journey of Art, Glass, Wine and Food – James Melendez

I feel privileged to have visited every wine country I have ever visited.  I have never been disappointed or though any particular wine country to be anything but delightful, magical and each markedly different with history, trajectory, personalities and the … Continue reading

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Oregon Pinot in the City (San Francisco) – An Oregonian Tasting – James Melendez

Though I wanted to write about last year – it was great t see Willamette Valley Winery Association’s Pinot in the City come to San Francisco again (26-August-2015).  Though California shares a border with Oregon–it might be that these two … Continue reading

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2016 Wine Outlook – James Melendez

I am looking forward to a varied and colourful 2016 tasting. San Francisco still a kingly capital of wine tours coming to the City.  The public places to taste are disappearing and are not being replaced.  The Exhibition Center at … Continue reading

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