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The Written Word to Video in the wine world reminds me that it is just like the subject itself complex.  Complex because wine no matter how much it is talked about is still a complex subject due to many variables.  Being a wine writer and videographer is needing to be in both camps.  The metrics I look at have demonstrated that both medias of the written blog and video and even mixing them up still have different audiences.  There are those in my audiences that prefer the spoken and visualized experience versus the written word.  I think the written word is about uncovering more details and sometimes this audience member seeks all media types.


I have devoted considerable time to both medias and have not found one which has an overwhelming audience instead it is both.  When I am overweighted in one media I am missing another audience.  Now if I only had the time to do that much content creation and output I would be excited–who isn’t hoping for a lotto winning?  I am.  It is hard to do both especially if your paid life is another industry where do you come up with the time to do both video and written pieces?  

I have part of my audience who thinks I have this amazing life and that all I do is drink wine, eat amazing food, travel and that is it.  I do remind those people that I still work in addition to writing and creating videos.  While I have experienced great food and wine, amazing dinner and sojourns the amount of work required is considerable.  Please don’t read into this that I am complaining.  If I was complaining I wouldn’t do it.  I do love the art and science of wine and love to talk about it.  Sometimes it is important to give behind the scenes details.  I know many people who are video creators or wine writers say something similar to finding enough time to do quality work.  


Since I have a great love for wine and video I attend VidCon and in doing so I still advocate for this media and wine.  I find comfort and excitement to develop my love for video and what I do can be expressed in the 24 frames per second format.  It is dynamic and sometimes what is communicate is more than the sum of it’s parts–that is the dynamic of video.  When I attend VidCon I find that my experience is similar to many YouTubers as it relates to expectation and performance of video.  What I hope to be successful in terms of clicks is rarely the case and that which I expect a small interest of clicks to be more successful.  Here are two video examples:

Schott Zwiesel Pure Collection – 9.5 – James Meléndez / James the Wine Guy

I never expected this video to get to over 3,800 clicks—my number one video in the wine world in general this is a rarity–I thought for certain it would have been a specific wine and not the vessel from which to drink.  While I would have expected a well known wine to be my number one wine subject matter video; here are some simple thoughts on this videos success: well known brand, a desire to hear about wine and wine glasses and a short format with a rating.

Also, the slow performers are those that I took a risk in doing–risks sometimes don’t pay off.

This video on bitters shows low performance but it is not without trying do you understand.  Many of my fellow YouTubers do make videos to expand horizons and possibilities.  It is risk to do the same thing as it is to try new things..  

The Beverage Arts: Drinks Bitters – Episode #1888 – James Melendez

I have experience with technology videos on my technology channel and those though are much fewer my number one video was I guess I could say ‘not by plan’ but a need that was out in the YouTube audience that needed a solution to a problem.

As much as I pontificate about wine and video I still believe there is room for a greater audience development.  I am continuing to be a brand who believes it’s there to be developed further.   I am also trying to add many more written pieces like this one to my authorship of being James the Wine Guy.  Stay tune for many more to come!


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I have two blogs on this descriptor page--I use to be able to make separate. My fragrance blog is to express my thoughts on fragrance. A passion in addition to wine. I think it is a stellar component to the senses and that which I am in love with. I hope you like both blogs. My "wine" blog also incorporates those categories intimately involved - wine, food, travel and lifestyle. We all need food and water to survive but we need wine to nourish our soul. My favourite varietals are Pinot Noir, Nebbiolo, Grenache, Syrah-Shiraz.. for my red wines. And I often circle back to these varieties and sometimes they are my home varieties. The journey of wine is an historical footnote also marked by viti-viniculture and artistry that makes this beverage a living one. I have worked professionally in the wine trade and have loved all aspects; marketing, history, science and art of wine. © 2014 James Meléndez / James the Wine Guy— All Rights Reserved – for my original Content, logo, brand name, rating, rating graphic and award and designs of James the Wine Guy. James the Wine Guy also on Facebook, Twitter and most major social medias.
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