General Overview of Wine Varieties Series on My YouTube Channels – James Melendez

Being a large creator of video and written content it is hard to keep track of it all.  I do revisit the topics that I have published.  I thought it important to highlight the videos that I created as it relates to a general education on specific wine grape varieties.  In general I don’t watch my videos after I review before publishing–I like most people in video don’t want to see themselves again for a lot of reasons.  However, I did look at the General Overview of Pinot Noir (Long Version) I noted that I created a 10 minute video in one take–no editing!?  Well in the old days–just a few ago I would film my videos over and over until I found I didn’t need to edit.  But the technique of perfect taping is very hard and extremely time consuming.  I found that I have had plenty of content and it was time for the big “E” editing to save time and after reviewing videos most people on YouTube edit their content for optimum viewing.

I covered a lot of well known varieties (Bordeaux, Rhône) and a few that are still relatively not common (Juhfark, Rkatsiteli, etc.).   I have more general overview videos to make.

Here are all my videos in the General Overview series (32).

Take a look.

Thank you!




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