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I have reached over 200,000 views today (7-July-2015).  I see this on my backend metrics and you will see this in a few days on your public view of my channel; there is a lag and I am not sure why that lag exists.

More importantly reaching over 200,000 views in the wine category on YouTube is very hard to achieve.   Wine does not match spirits or beer or food for that matter in terms of click rate.  The Audience is not ‘Listening” to Wine Videos on YouTube…Yet is an article I wrote talking about improvements for content for wine videos.  I believe there is an audience but has not found the content they are seeking on YouTube.  Also audiences are seeking a high quality content.  And then a unique feature that wine has that beer or spirits doesn’t have; significantly larger number of labels as well as something called vintage.  Also, there are so many wine labels produced each year that only a very small fraction are covered on YouTube.  Very important in that if one searches for two or three bottles they would like more information one–likely that content does not exist.

I think there is a problem with many people starting wine vlogs/video is that they abandon their channels.  They abandon their channels because of low click rates but that is unfortunate as I think most video producers have low(er) click rates and the necessary ingredient that few producers recognize is the need to build a community.  There is a big void on quality wine content and that doesn’t mean there aren’t good producers of wine video content–it means there are only a handful of producers covering a very gigantic category.  Some wine video producers do well because they have a name coming from the print world – Jancis Robinson.  Ironically, Jancis Robinson has a video on YouTube entitled  “Jancis wonders how wine is best tackled on video” and she express doubt by saying she was “slightly put off by the standard format” of wine videos.  While Jancis says that wine is not a spectator sport–I have looked at the beer, spirits, even the coffee and tea world as being successful in that approach and perhaps this could be helpful for wine.

From what I have seen of her videos–she has a tow deep in the YouTube world but I think her commitment is print.  She has 230,000 total channel clicks–I have 30,000 more to catch up.  I think the miss is to not recognize what YouTube is in terms of social media.  YouTube has been influential and taking market share of all traditional broadcast media channels in the US.  YouTube has been a great phenomenon of how people communicate and express themselves.  If wine is viewed not just as an object but as a subject this will attract a greater following.

Gary Vaynerchuk, the now retired darling of the wine world, made appealing content that helped to make him widely recognized vlogger.  His approach was unorothordox and I am sure his demo was a segment that skewed perhaps drinking age to mid-30s, male, New York Jets fans who liked wine.  I remember stumbling on his channel and his click rate was small and in some videos today small when compared with some producers of beer and Scotch videos.  But what made Gary more visible and successful is that he worked to make a community of viewers not just a random act of viewing.

While Gary was very successful as a wine vlogger I do think his demo’s didn’t cover everyone.  And, in fact, wine in itself does not have category killers as it relates to wine video producers.  I don’t think any one person can do that.  But that is good news for the rest of us.  As there is a need for more producers of wine video content.

Back to me; I have seen content types that I won’t repeat like videos of wine events, no one wants to see a wine event happened that they are not attending.  When I am at a group setting video someone talking about their wines.  I much prefer to do a video with that person especially in interview format.  I have found trying to collaborate with other people hard to do because there are many people who don’t want to make or be in a video.  But I am still interested in this format.

I do look forward to making more wine video content and to continue to build a community.  So stayed tuned for more and thank you for watching my videos on YouTube!


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