Continuous Community Building of A Wine Channel on YouTube – James Melendez

Last February (2014) I wrote down my overall click rate of 97,976 and in the middle of the last month February 2015 was over 180,000 click rates. While in the YouTubeverse the click rate may not be similar to iJustine or CTFxC multi millions click rate. But I have noted in an online article I wrote “The Audience is Not Listening to Wine Videos on YouTube…..Yet – James Melendezthe 85% increase demonstrated a growing community—a community that I created that is being cultivated.

The wine category is sleepy and yet I see many opportunities to increase and continuing to develop my community. The sleepiness can be shaken with more videos—videos that highlight individual bottle reviews as well a general wine subject matter. I was impressed at looking at my subscribing base and the subscribers are not necessarily producers but individuals who have an interest in wine.

Many people have tried producing wine videos and there has been a segment that instead of trying to cultivate a community of  just producing content of “film it and it will be watched” mentality but the YouTube viewer is more demanding a rightfully so.  Content to be watched should be watchable.

Many wine videos still have a preponderance of simple problems—such as leaving video file type (video.mp4), video naming without a call to action, beginning and ending format that is non-existent, a bit of music and a phraseology to close video, amongst a few of the many issues that exist.

I recently looked at two prominent wine writers/reviewers with more of a print background than a video one. Their videos are unlike their written work—the videos were of low production quality, the narrative frame was missing and it told me that they created videos because “they were suppose to” versus having a passion to do video. These two wine writers have videos and their initial click rates were promising but each subsequent videos are anemic; the videos are a low click rates and that is due to a promise of the video content not delivering to their audience.

I do hope more people have a commitment, desire and passion to cover wine in their videos. A rising tide does lift all boats and with that I would welcome having an active and responsive community.

I proved to myself that there is an audience there—it is about creating that audience, having the  diligence and a point of view of unwavering commitment. I also look at other video producers for inspiration.  There is an audience hungry for wine content–look at beer and whiskey–significantly more active than wine videos.  May we be in a period of many more wine videos to come.



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