And they are off….The Wine Tasting Season Begins Again in San Francisco – James Melendez

San Francisco is the west coast  capital of wine tasting–the other coastal partner is New York.

In 2014, I attended fewer wine events than each previous year–the primary reason was my agenda just keeps getting busier and I have to pick and choose carefully–and sometimes I have no choice to make as I have other obligations that choose for me.

Another reason is that some events have abandoned the City–others are on the brinks of not existing.  I have been to fair number of consumer wine tastings and contrary to the wine community belief is that wine events are fading, becoming irrelevant–au contraire–some events have been superbly packed.

Venues for larger trade or consumer tastings in San Francisco are few and couple that with CA ABC that make wine events difficult but not impossible.  I do think some event operators have not graduated to higher level of social media savviness–in fact some have a very weak grasp of this fact of life.  Social media is not a trend but where online activity has always mean to be.

I would also say some event operators didn’t vet for trade or media.  I went to trade/media only tastings and some people there were not trade nor media; and that is not a bad thing unto itself but a very course and bad mannered attendees–there were two specific events in 2013 where I experienced this.  In these two events I was told to move out of the drinkers way.  I was moving always but generally I go around as I know I a not the only attendee.

I truly have doubts that for wine events leaving the City to Point Richmond or San Mateo if they will continue or fade away.  I do think that at least one event this year will cease but I don’t think it will be due to irrelevancy or non-interest but an inability to keep moving forward.

I hope to attend a good number this year–I like a venue to taste new wines and specific regions.


– James Melendez


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