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Several people reminded me that my 2,000 James the Wine Guy video is coming up.  I was asked if I was planning on doing something special.  I had thought in the back of my head I would feature a vintage bottle of Champagne.  I also thought a small party might be nice and record several people at the event perhaps on Google Hangouts.

I am anticipating I’ll reach my 2,000th video sometime in January 2015.  I do find it interesting I have all of my planned material recorded and I often have more content then what I have written down.  Wine is a curious subject–so simple to enjoy–and yet a very complex category in all other aspects.  I know that reaching 1,800 today–I have about a dozen that have not been edited and will be published shortly.  My most immediate list has about another dozen that I will be recording shortly.

In today’s video #1,800, I mentioned that it seems like it was relatively quick to get here but in realty it was hard, time consuming and each video was made one after the other–yes, I know it is obvious.  I also know that 2,000 videos hardly covers wine and the beverage arts–it is such an expansive topic.  I do believe that wine videos on YouTube are a sleeper.  There are lots of reasons for this but mainly because those people that are seeking wine video content are not finding what they want.  I know I can go into a well stocked wine merchant and there can be 1,000 to 1,500 SKUs and this number doesn’t cover everything out there.  But I do not think wine content on YouTube will always be a sleeper.

My video production experience has been very interesting.  I have garnered a bit of a subject matter expertise.  I have used YouTube analytics to hone in on better formats and video techniques and also length of video.  I have learned who and where my audience is located.  I have also learned incremental improvements.  I do hope to do more collaboration which is interestingly hard to do–not technically speaking but to find people to collaborate with.  I know there are a few people that I will be working with in the wine writing community in the near future.  I am also looking to collaborate beyond the borders of the wine writing and reviewing community.

I do want this wine video to be special–I only know one other YouTube who has gone over 2,000 — Charles Trippy at CTFxC–hence just a few individuals have reach this mark.

If you have any ideas for what video #2,000 should be –let me know.

Thank you!


– James Melendez


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