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Trust me on this one… I am not going to rant about when variety or varietal should or should not be used.  I recently saw an online article on how either word should be used–it was a bit pedantic—not it was absolutely pedantic.  I have seen this particular writer rant to the point where it induces a great level of ennui or sleepiness in me.  I don’t make it my life’s mission to correct people on language usage.  When I see an article about this person’s yearly or twice yearly rants and how it gets indexed in a particular wine new email citation–I wonder why it is called out.

I don’t cite who this person is as I prefer to not give this particular person’s more web traffic.  I can always use more traffic.  If I weigh out my total usage of the words “variety” and “varietal” I am probably a heavy user of variety on at least a 90% basis; I might use the word cultivar before varietal and that is not because of this particular writer but that is just my usage.  I just like to say variety.  I think some people view varietal as more specific to wine than variety.  English is a flexible language that may adjust how it deals with the usage of this word–or maybe not.

Sweet and short as I have more important things to do… I promise–more interesting articles are in the works!


– James Melendez


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